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May Madness May 22nd 2021

Clinton County Fairgrounds
side skis
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Kyle Coryea

Conner Turgeron (21t) with the hit and then side skies across the side of David Campeau (112) during the heats. It would be the first edition of the may madness from the Clinton County Fairgrounds and there would be around 75 cars that would show up for the four different divisions. It would be a hard-hitting affair from start to finish in the 4 cylinder stock and modified along with the trucks and vans' small and big divisions. There also were a few 8 cylinders that would be attending. Along with the hard-hitting, there would be a few cars that would get pinned along the wall and get a little too hot and need some attention. When the dust and mud would settle on the night the winners for the event would be Jason Seymour (Big Trucks), Todd Ebersole (small trucks), John Brown (4 cylinders modified), and Terry Reno (4 cylinder stocks. Now everyone in the area will start getting their cars ready for the big fair show at the end of July. Gallery