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Hall of Fame Night at Airborne Park Speedway Presented by Momont Trailer Sales
Airborne Park Speedway
July 7th 2018

hall of Famers

Three of the five hall of famers were celeberated during a ceremony at intermission Charlie Trombley (outside), Bob Bruno (middle) and Dick Newphew (inside) all cars are being driven by there relatices. It would be a historic night at the Airborne Park Speedway as it would be the first hall of fame class for the Airborne Park Speedway. In a ceremnony at intermission the first five members would be inducted Morris Broderick, Charlie Trombley, Bob Bruno, Dick Newphew and Jacky Peterson. As for the racing on track it would be a night that these induces these hall of famers would be proud to watch. The winners on the night would be Jessey Mueller 358 Modifieds, Bucko Branham Sportsman Modified, Tylor Terry Super Stock, Josh LaPorte Mini-Modifieds, and Shawn Walker Strictly Stock. Gallery

Dirtcar Northeast Series Presented by Pepsi
Airborne Park Speedway
July 3rd 2018

by a nose

Kyle Botala (007) and Caleb Tourville (42) would go right down to the wire with Kyle Botala (007) getting the win in the strictly stock feature by a mere 18 inches. It would be a specail Tuesday night at airborne park speedway as the Dirtcar Northeast Tour was in town along with the Super Stocks, Mini Modifieds, and Strictly Stocks. It would be a great night of racing with many closes battles throughout night and some coming right down to the end. When the dust settled the winners on the night were Shawn Pecore Sportsman Modified, Tylor Terry Super Stock, Josh LaPorte Mini Modifieds, Kyle Botala Strictly Stock. Airborne Park Speedway will be back action Saturday July as it will be there first hall of fame induction night. Gallery

Fourth of July Celebration plus Can-Am Mod Lites Series Presented by Champlain Peterbuilt
Airborne Park Speedway
June 30th 2018

slicing through the traffic

Nick Heywood (29) slices the middle of Michael Picton (49) and Mike Palmer (85p) as he charges from the back to the front for a top 5 finish. It would be the Fourth of July Celebration plus Can-Am Mod Lites Series presented by Champlain Peterbuilt. It would be a very interesting evening of racing as the combination of the heat and full moon would would have drivers on edge. As there was multiple crashes on the night with a couple drivers ending up on there lid and some damaged race cars. When the carnage settled the winners on the night would be Chris Raabe 358 Modifieds, Jamie LaFountain Sportsman Modified, Super Stock Jim McKerrain, Mini-Modifieds Cam Guade, and Strictly Stock Caleb Tourville. Airborne will be right back in action on Tuesday July 3rd for the Dirtcar Sportsman Modified Northeast division. Gallery

358 Trophy Dash Presented by Plattsburgh Ford
Airborne Park Speedway
June 16th 2018

threading the needle

Nick Heywood (29) threads the needle between Rico Hernandez (2) and Codie Aubin (7) has he marches from fourteenth to the win the Sportsman Modified feature. It would be the 358 Trophy Dash Presented by Plattsburgh Ford. It would be a good night of racing at the track after the top groove came in and very competitive racing. As for the winners Chris Raabe wins the 358 Modified with the Dash going to Travis Bruno, Sportsman Modified Nick Heywood, Super Stock Tylor Terry (third in a row), Mini-Modifieds Cam Gaude, Strictly Stock Shawn Walker (Four in a row). Next week at Airborne Park Speedway will be the mid season championships. Gallery

Empire Super Sprints Presented by Porier True Value
Airborne Park Speedway
June 9th 2018

threading the needle

Coleman Gulick (14) threads the needle on Brandon Kidd (33) and Vince Vitale (56) a couple of lap cars as he hold the lead during the feature. It would be Empire Super Sprints night at Airborne Park Speedway presented by Porier True Value. It would be a great night of racing in front of a packed house. As for the racing on track Coleman Gulick would get his first win of the season to pad his point lead in Empire Super Sprints point. In the Quebec Lightning Sprints it would be Jordan Porier. As for the weekly divisions at Airborne Ricky Thompson gets the Sportsman Modified win for his first of the season, Matt Woodruff in the 358 Modifieds also his first of the season and Tylor Terry gets his second win in the Super Stock class. Next weekend at Airborne will be the 358 Modified Trophy dash presented by Gallery

Volunteer Fire & EMS Night Presented by Haun Welding
Airborne Park Speedway
June 2 2018


Zack Daniels (30) collides with the Ricky Thompson (1) as they battle for position in turn three of the Sportsman Modified Feature. It would be three race of season at Airborne Park Speedway and it would be volunteer Fire and EMS night Presented by Haun Welding. The feature event of the evening would be a 50 lap sportsman modified race part of the Unquie E-Cigs Series. The winning of that race would be Bucko Branham as part of a great battle up front. As for the other races on tap Stephen Beriner, Super Stock Tylor Terry, Mini-Modifieds Josh LaPorte and Strictly Stock would go to Shawn Walker. Next week would be week four of the season and will feature a regular show along with the Empire Super Sprints and Quebec Lightning cars. Gallery

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