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Skaneateles Lakers @ Plattsburgh Hornets - Upstate New York Girl's Hockey League - January 10th 2020

through the check
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Kyle Coryea

Plattsburgh's Reylyn Giroux (18) fights through the check along the broads and put the shot on net.The Plattsburgh Hornets would host the Skaneateles Lakers in Upstate New York Girl's Hockey League action. Throughout the first period the teams would go back and forth with neither gaining an advantage and there would be no scoring. When the teams comeback for the second it would be more of the same as it startered the Lakers would take the lead at the 4:59 mark on the Emily Evans goal to make it 1-0. Then just over four minutes later the Lakers would strike again and double there lead at 2-0 on the Grace Kush. That was starting to look like where the game was going to end but the Hornets would have other thoughts on that as Amanda Vaughn would score with 90 seconds left to make it 2-1. After that goal was scored the Hornets would put on the late push but it wouldn't be enough and the Lakers would get 2-1 win. In the losing effort the Hornets fall to 9-7 on the season. Gallery

Photo By: 
Nathanel Lepage

Plattsburgh's Amanda Vaughn (23) with the flip shot from the side of the net to breakup the shutout. Gallery