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Peru Nighthawks @ Plattsburgh Hornets April 5th 2022

Champlain Valley Athletic Conference Softball
tag at the plate
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Kyle Coryea

Plattsburgh's catcher with the tag at the plate on the Nighthawk runner to cut down the runner. It would be the season opener for the Plattsburgh Hornets and the Peru Nighthawks in Champlain Valley Athletic Conference action at the redone Plattsburgh Hornets field. The game would start off fast and furious for the home Hornets as they would get six runs in the first for the early 6-0 lead. The Hornets would continue the offense in the second inning as they would get three more to extend their lead to 9-0. The early game success would continue in the third with another two runs and they were off to the races with an 11-0 lead. The game would stay there all the way to the 6th inning when the Nighthawks would finally get on the board with a pair of runs for the 11-2 game. Although the Hornets would get four runs in the sixth to make it a 15-2. Then the last inning the Nighthawks would get a pair as they made a last-ditch effort at the game as the Hornets get the 15-4 win and go to 1-0 on the season while the Nighthawks fall to 0-1 Gallery