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Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Ogdensburg Blue Devils
September 29 2011

tip at the net past the defender

Chateaugay Bulldog's Caitlin Miller (21) with the tip at the net past Ogdensburg defender for the point. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would make easier work of the Ogdensburg Blue Devils taking them three game to zero (25-12,25-10,25-19). With the win the Bulldogs inprove to 8-2 overall and 3-2 in the division. Gallery

Malone Huskies Vs Salmon River Shamrocks
September 26 2011

header attack for the ball

Malone Huskies' Peter Laremere (17) and Salmon River Shamrocks' Tazz Oakes (19) go head to head for the ball at midfield. The Malone Huskies would not make very good host as they would get the 4-0 shutout win. The Huskies would take the lead of Aaron Sharlow's goal in the 11th minute his first of two on the day. Then with five minutes left in the half Peter Laremere would make it 2-0. Then in the second half Matt Sullivan would add the third goal in the 59th minute. Then in the last minute of the game Peter Laremere would get his second of the game. In the winning effort Brandon Hanahan would stop five for the shutout. With the win the Malone Huskies get there first win of the season going to 1-5-1 overall and 0-3-1 in the division. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Lisbon Golden Knights
September 22 2011

header for the goal

Chateaugay Bulldog's Devin Willis (21) has an amazing backwards header that scores the openning goal of the game. The Chateaugay Bulldog's would welcome a new division foe. Although the welcoming wasn't that nice as the Bulldog's would get the convincing 4-0 lead. The Bulldogs woud get the openning goal just 3 minutes in on Devin Willis header and then again just 7 minutes later for second of the day. Then Bulldogs would end the first half with a Joe McGuilcuddy goal. Then in the second half the Bulldogs would add another for good measure on Tyler Martin's goal. In the winning effort Eric Fleury earns his second straight shut out saving three shots. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Massena Red Raiders
September 22 2011

meeting at the net

Chateaugay Bulldog's Caitlin Miller (21) and the Massena Red Raider attack meet at the net going for the ball. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would welcome the Massena Red Raiders to renew there history. It would be a match that would take just over two hours to complete that would see the Bulldogs pervailing 3 games to 2. The Bulldogs would win win the first two games 25-19 and 25-21. The Red Raiders would bounce back and take the next two games 25-20 and 25-21. The Bulldogs would come back and take the clincher 25-14 Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs St. Regis Falls Siants
September 21 2011

the step through blocking tackle

Chateaugay Bulldog's Tyler Martin (4) with the step through to break up the play from Sr. Regis Falls Siants Brandon Votra (10). In a battle in the eastern division the Bulldog's would blank the Siants by a count of 2-0. The two goals in the game would come in the first half on goals from Michael Boyea and Trevor Lang. In the winning effort Eric Fleury would have two saves in getting the shutout. Gallery

Malone Huskies Vs Chateaugay Bulldogs
September 20 2011

block at the net

Malone Huskies' Rachael Lamica (2) with the block at the net on Chateaugay Bulldogs' Megan Barnes It would be a battle of broader schools as the Malone Huskies would host the Chateaugay Bulldogs in volleyball action. Although the Huskies would go in to win 3-0 (25-19,26-24,25-21) they would be three very good games thatwould see many lead changes through out. With the win the Malone Huskies stay undeafted at 3-0 in the division and 5-1 overall as the Chateaugay Bulldogs fall to 1-2 in the division and 4-2 overall. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Malone Huskies
September 19 2011

collision with goalie and striker

Chateaugay Bulldog's goalie Eric Fleury colides with Malone Huskies Dustin Hart(8) going for the just outside the 6 yard box. In a non league game between rivails Chateaugay Bulldogs and Malone Huskies it would go to the host Bulldogs 2-1 In a game that would be very phyiscail as the teams were on edge to beat there neighbors. The Malone Huskies would take the 1-0 lead on Shatlaw's goal with 9 minutes left in the first half. The Bulldogs would get the equalizer on Chad Slalter's goalie with 18 left in the game. Then with nine minutes left the bulldogs would get the game winner on Patrick Cook's goal. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Parishville-Hopkinton Panthers
September 15 2011

arm to arm battle for the ball

Parishville-Hopkinton Panther's Jessica Richards and Chateaugay Bulldog's Alexis Beach (2)in arm to arm combat battling for the ball along the sidelines. It would be a very phyiscal contest between the Bulldogs and the Panthers as they would battle for the early lead in the east division. It would be a battle that would need extra time and even that wouldn't settle it as the Bulldogs and Panthers tie at zero. Gallery

Malone Huskies Vs Potsdam Sandstoners
September 13th 2011

battle for the ball along the sidelines

Malone Huskies Evan Hanna (4) and Potsdam Sandstoners Tom Hobbs (5) are going shoulder to shoulder battle after the ball down the sidelines. The Potsdam would take a 2-0 lead into the break on two goals from Ben Purvis. The Malone Huskies would get back within 1 on a goal Peter Laramee. The Huskies would get the equalizer from Peter Laramee on a direct kick with less than three minutes left. There would be nothing decided in the extra period and the Huskies and Sandstoners would settle for the 2-2 tie. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Colton-Peirpont Colts
September 12th 2011

Katie Favuro gets the shot off just before steal attempt

Chateaugay Bulldogs Katie Favuro (14) gets the shot on net just ahead of Colton-Pierponts Colts Jenna Pauls (20) steal attempt. The Chateaugay's Bulldogs would make quick work of the Colton-Pierponts Colts with three goals in the first five minutes of the game and would cruise to the 8-0 victory. In the winning effort Katie Favuro and Katie Beach would have two goals each. With the win the Bulldogs stay perfect at 3-0. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs St. Lawrence Larries
September 8 2011

St. Lawerence's Nate Cole sliding tackle takes out Chateaugay's Joe McGillicuddy

St. Lawrence Larries Nate Cole (10) with aggressive defensive play on the sliding tackles to take out Chateaugay's Joe McGillicuddy. The Bulldogs would make easy work of the larries as they would get the convincing 8-0 win to win the home opener. In the winning effort Chad Stalter would have a hat trick along with an assist for a four point game. Also with a four point game would be Michael Boyea with a goal and three assist. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Lisbon Golden Knights
September 7 2011

blocks the advance of the lisbon mid feilder

Chateaugay Bulldog's (9) blocks the path of the Lisbon Golden Knights (13) moving up the field. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would win their home opener against one for the new division teams the Lisbon Golden Knights by a score of 3-1. The Bulldogs would strike early taking the quick 2-0 lead and the golden knights were just not able to recovery. Gallery

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