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Airborne Speedway Padres @ Lyon Mountain Miners
June 26th 2011

Kyle Rascoe with the leaping catch

Airborne Speedway Padres Kyle Rascoe (12) with the great leaping catch on the ball that was hit deep to center field. The Airborne Speedway Padres would lose both games to the undeafted Lyon Mountain Miners 8-5 in game 1 and 12-6 in game two. It was a tough day out there for Padres that were fighting through extrication as they were losing players for difference reasons through out. The Padres would stay in both games until the late innings when the Miners would pull away with the loses the Padres fall to 2-10 and the Miners improve to 12-0. Gallery

Plattsburgh North Stars Vs Vermont Ravens
June 25th 2011

Zack Blocker with the stiff arm

Plattsburgh North Stars Zach Blocker (7) gives the stiff arm to a Vermont Raven defender as he turns the corner and takes the ball up field. The Plattsburgh North Stars would pick up right where they left off last week and get the 44-8 win. The North Stars would scream out of the gates and take a 17-0 lead after the first quarter. Then would add a couple more scores in the second quarter and take a 30-0 lead into the break. In the second half they would test out different people and sets and cruise to the 44-8 win. The North Stars are now 2-0 on the season as they head into there first league game of the season on July 9th in Albany as they take on the Metro Mallers. Gallery

Plattsburgh North Stars Vs Southern Vermont Storm
June 18th 2011

Akeem Williams gets airborne being tackled

Plattsburgh North Stars Akeem Williams (3) gets airborne as he tackled down by the feet by the Southern Vermont Storm linemen. This would be the opening game of the 2011 season for the Plattsburgh North Stars season. In a game that the North Stars would dominate from from the start. The North Stars would take a convincing 38-7 win and get the season started on the right way with a win. Gallery

Saranac Lake vs Rome
June 18th 2011

hard hit on the runner

Saranac Lake's (13) lays a hard hit on the Rome runner for the tackle in the middle of the field. The Mountaineers would go on and win the game in a match that would be very physical throughout. Gallery

Saranac Lake vs Utica
June 18th 2011

powering her way down dragging tacklers

Saranac Lake's (8) powers her way down the field dragging a would be tackler with her for the extra gain. In the opener of the season for Saranac Lake they would fall 37-12. The match would be very tight for the first half with Saranac Lake down 12-7 in the second half would be difference as Utica where almost at will. Gallery

Airborne Speedway Padres @ Plattsburgh Cardinals
June 5th 2011

Slides in head first at the plate under the leaping tag

Airborne Speedway Padres Shane Perrotte (2) with the head first slide at plate under the legs of Steve Burris (23) to score on the wild pitch. The Padres would continue there losing streak which is now up to eight games with another couple of heartbreaking loses as in game one they would lose 9-6 after giving up a 8 run inning in the 6th inning. Then in game two they would come up one run short again with a 5-4 defeat in a game that saw them behind 5-0 heading into the 6th they would get two runs in the 6th and another two runs in the seventh and had the game tying run on base. Gallery

Meron's Expos vs Fourth Ward Timberjaxxs
June 5th 2011

sliding under the tag at the plate

The Fourth Ward Timberjaxxs runner would slide under the tag of Meron's Expos (8) on a bang bang play at the plate after the pitch got away got away from the catcher and went to the backstop. The Timberjaxxs would earn the sweep of the Expos in the doubleheader in a couple of high scoring affairs at the hitter friendly park at South Acres. The Timberjaxxs would defeat the Expos 16-6 in game 1 and then 17-8 in game 2. Gallery

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