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2010 Pulling Photos

Champlain Valley Fair
Truck & Tractor Pull

Buckeye Bulldog shooting flames as run starts

J.R. Collins in the Buckeye Bulldog shooting flames 20 feet in the air. As he releases the clutch and shoots down the track for the win in the Super Semis. The NTPA would bring four classes to Essex Junction, VT with the Super Stock Open and Super Semis Grand National level and on the regional level they would have the four wheel and two wheel drive truck classes with 30 hooks over the four classes. Gallery

Little Bully wins 6,200lb 4x4 Trucks

Maurice Boisseau and The Little Bully wins the 4x4 Trucks Region 1 pull with the only Full Pull in the class. Gallery

Essex County Fair Tractor Pull

Already There test and tune the new tractor

Ed Stewart and his new Already There Pro Stock Tractor came up to Westport for a test and tune with the new tractor. The Essex County Fair Tractor Pull would bring an end to the 2010 Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers Assocation season. One the last day of the season there would be 75 enteries spread over 13 different classes. Gallery

Pure Breed Red made quick repairs to come back

Erine Audet and Pure Breed Red took part in the 12,500lb Altered Stock Tractor class after needing to do some repairs after a run earlier in the day. Gallery

Essex County Fair Tractor Pull

Mad Dog wins the championship one the final run

Mad Dog and Todd Jarvis would break a three way tie for the title to win the 4x4 Trucks Class B title on the last run of the season with a win. The annual truck pull would run through 10 different classes on the night with a average 10 trucks per class. Gallery

Charles Swinon takes fourth place

Charles Swinton would finish 4th in the 6,500lb Street Legal class with a pull of 248' 3". Gallery

Franklin County Fair Malone, NY

Bullett Proof wins pro stock tractors

Dick Eakins in Bullett Proof from Hopkinton, NY would win the 9,000lb Pro Stock Tractor division at the Franklin County Fair in Malone, NY. The annual truck and tractor pull would turn into another all day affair with over 35 different classes and 150 enteries. Gallery

White Lighting takes third

Alexander Otis and White Lighting takes third place in the 4x4 Trucks Class B division. With the third place they enter the last pull of the season in Westport, NY on August 13th as part of a three way tie season title with Mad Dog and Yellow Fever.Gallery

Franklin County Field Days Tractor Pull

4x4 Tractor pull

The 4x4 Tractors would once again come out in full force as they are a staple with the tractor pull in Highgate. There were a total seven classes dedicated to them starting at 18,000 all the way up to the free for all. Gallery

John Deere twisting and leaning down the track

John Rainville in his farm stock John Deere tractor are twisting and leaning its way down the track. Gallery

Franklin County Field Days Truck Pull

White Lighting spraying dust

Ralph Otis and White Lighting spraying the dust everywhere as he hooks on the loose track to with the 6,200lb 4x4 Truck Class B. There would nine different classes that would compete on the night between the two different tracks with a average 15 trucks in a class. Gallery

Dan Menard clawing for traction

Dan Menard and his Street Legal Diesel clawing for traction on the very loose track Gallery

Clinton County Fair
Truck and Tractor Pull

Struck by Thunder wins 8,500lb Altered Stock Tractors

Tim Vander Weert in the new look Struck by Thunder would win the 8,500lb Altered Stock Tractor Class with a pull of 286' 3". The annual truck and tractor pull return to the Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh in front of jam packed crowd. There would be a total of 19 classes for the all night affair. Gallery

Certified Oragnic shooting out flames

Randy Quesnel in the Cerfied Organic shooting out the flame out the top of the stack during the 13,000lb Hot Farm Stock. Gallery

Clinton County Fair
Street Legal Truck Pull

John Chamberlain pooring the coal

John Chamberlain poors the coals to his 2010 Toyota Tundra for a 2nd place in the 6,500lb pure stock class. The Adirondack Truck and Tractors Pullers put on there annual Street Legal Truck pull at the Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh, NY in front of a packed. There would end up being a around 75 entries between the 9 different classes on the night. Gallery

Nicolas Lacriox takes fourth place

Nicolas Lacroix takes down the past the 250 foot mark for a 4th place finish in the 8,500lb Pure Stock class. Gallery

Hopkinton Field Days

The old Rooster tractor was back in action

Gayton Yelle brought The Rooster to Hopkinton just to put on an domestication as this was one of the older tractors that put Northern New York Pulling on the map. Gallery

Mad Dog wins 4x4 trucks

Todd Jarvis takes the Mad Dog to the win in the 4x4 Truck Class which will give him the early lead in the points. As the circuit moves on to the Clinton County Fair on July 24th for the second stop on the tour. Gallery


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