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2012 Snow Sled Photod

Awakesene Mohawk Casino Snocross

tight racing

The classic rivalary would return again this weekend as the Arctic Cat's and Ski-Doo's would duel all weekend. . The east coast snocross returned for the 2nd day of the show and this time the racers were taking the areail apporach to the track. The big race of the day would be ECS Challenge 7,000 dollars to win. Gallery

high flying

High flying side by side racing over the big air jump on the front stretch. Gallery

Rave X Outter Limits Freestyle Snow Sleds

Indian Air

Luke Maue with great extention on the Indian Air. The Rave X Outter Limits guys return for a second day and had much better conditions and because of it put on a great show. Gallery

kiss of death

Seth Bell with great extention over the front of sleed going for the kiss of death. Gallery

Awakenese Mohawk Casino Snocrross Plattsburgh, NY

3 wide racing

The Arctic Cat racer tried to split the middle on the three wide down the front stretch as tight racing would be the norm on the day. The East Coast Snocross would return to plattsburgh and put on another great show with great racing through out the day in 17 different classes. Gallery

tight racing

The tight racing would contuine through out the day. Gallery

Rave X Outter Limits Freestyle Snow Sleds Plattsburgh, NY

super can can

Luke Maue with the super can can trick over the 65ft gap. The Rave X Outer Limits guys returned to plattsburgh for another show in the very windy conditions. Gallery

seat grap

Seth Bell with the great extend on the seat grap. Gallery


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