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2011 Pulling Photos

Essex County Fair Tractor Pull

Warm & Fuzy straight run

Ed Stewart and the Warm & Fuzy with a straight run down the track to take the win the Super Farm/Limited Pro class. The annual tractor pull at the Essex County Fair would mark the end of the 2011 tour on the Adirondack Truck and Tractor Pullers season. There would be 50 entries that would be split up through out the 15 different classes that would be ran. It was deffenately a great show that got done just before sundown. Gallery

Secret Weapon II skips his way to victory

Andre Bourdea and the Secret Weapon II would skip the front wheels down the track to take a 2nd place in the 11,000lb Altered Stock Tractors. Gallery

Essex County Fair Truck Pull

Wild Thing clinches class championship

Dwayne Newans and his Wild Thing would wrap up the championship in the 6,200lb Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks B to give him his first championship in many seasons with the Adirondack Truck Tractor Pullers Association. The birth place of the Street Legal Truck Pull for the Adirondack Pullers would make its annual return to the Essex County Fair in Westport, NY there would be around 50 entries that would be split up into 11 different classes range from pure stock trucks all the way up to Pro Stock 4x4 purpose built pulling trucks. Gallery

Tom Brassard makes a smooth run

Tom Brassard would make a very smooth run down the track in his 2009 Dodge Ram during the 5,500lb Street Legal Trucks class. Gallery

Franklin County Fair
Truck & Tractor Pull

Jonathan Babbie with the full pull

Jonathan Babbie and his Ford 7610 would take it out the backdoor and win the 6,500lb Farm Stock Tractors. The annual truck and tractor pull at the Franklin County in Malone was schedulded for 32 classes would be cut short about half way through as the rain would start coming and there was no let up and the track was a complete wash.Gallery

Barb Geurin on the far side of the track

Barb Geurin and her 2010 Toyota Tundra would take down the far side of the track during the 6,500lb Pure Stock Truck classes for a top three.Gallery

Franklin County Field Days Tractor Pull

Mike wins the 22,000lbs 4x4 tractors

Mike Domica wins the crowd favorite the 22,000lb 4x4 Tractors.There would be around 100 entries that would take part in the the tractor pull at the Franklin County Field Days from Farm Stock, Altered Stock, Pro Stock and the crowd favor the 4x4 tractors.Gallery

Rene Bourdeau straight and fast

Rene Bourdeau with the straight and fast pass down the track during the 11,000lb Hot Farm Tractors.Gallery

Franklin County Field Days Truck Pull

Chad Lapointe puts on a amazing smoke show

Chad Lapointe and his Chevy put on a amazing smoke show during his run in the 2.6 cheater class. There would be around 150 entries divided up into the 10 different classes in front of a always packed crowd for the truck pull at the Franklin County Field DaysGallery

Yellow Fever makes a straight run down the sidelines

Terry Durant and the Yellow Fever are coming straight at the camera during the 6,200lb Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks.Gallery

Clinton County Fair
Truck & Tractor Pull

Show time making there first apperance with the A.t.p.a.

Jeremy Van Pelet and the Show Time would make there first apperance with the Adirondack Tractor Pullers and made a very good run in the Super Farm/Limited Pro Class taking a 4th place. The annunal stop for the Adirondack Truck and Tractor Pullers at the Clinton County would see around a 100 enteries divided up into 19 classes battle it out on the track in front of packed crowd until the late hours of the evenning.Gallery

Farmall Fever wins 11,000lb Hot Farm Tractors

Jason Bourdean and the Fever would make straight pull down the middle of the track to take the win in the 11,500lb Hot Farm Tractor class.Gallery

Clinton County Fair
Street Legal Truck Pull

Walter Cheney wins 5,550lb Pure Stock

Walter Cheney and the 2008 Nissan Titan would take the win the 5,500lb Pure Stock Truck class on a picture perfect run. It was the annual return of the Street Legal Truck Pull to the Clinton County. There would be great competition between the seven different classes with around 50 entries and a couple classes that would be settle by under five feet.Gallery

Bill Dean digs in at the end of his run

Bill Dean comes to end of run in the 2.6 cheater class as the smoke from the stacks is shooting straight up deep black.Gallery

Hopkinton Field Days

Wild Thing wins Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks

Dewayne Newans in the Wild Things wins the 4x4 Trucks Class to get the season started on the right foot. It was the start of the 2011 Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers season at the Hopkinton Fire Department in Hopkinton, NY. There would be around 40 entries in the 12 different classes to get the season underway in good fashion.Gallery

Bill Dean shows hopkinton what his truck can do.

Bill Dean a couple of new street legal truck class called the 2.6 cheater would come over for an exibition to get stuff worked out before season starts Friday July 22nd at the Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh, NY.Gallery


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