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2011 Rugby Photos

Saranac Lake vs Rome

runner with seperation

Saranac Lake's runner with some seperation on the feild and picking some major ground. h Mountaineers would go on and win the game in a match that would be very phyiscail throughout. Gallery

battle for possesion inside the scrum

The battle for the ball is on inside the scrum and the Mountaineers would come out with possesion. Gallery

Saranac Lake vs Utica

Suzi Meconi picks the ball out of the ruck and hands it off

Saranac Lake's Suzi Meconi (9) picks the ball up out of the ruck and hands it off to a team mate. In the openner of the season for Saranac Lake they would fall 37-12. The match would be very tight for the first half with Saranac Lake down 12-7 in the second half would be difference as Utica where almost at will. Gallery

They engage in the scrum

The ladies are engaged in the scrum going for the loose ball.Gallery


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