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SUNYAC 1st Round
#4 Plattsburgh State Cardinals vs #5 Morrisville State Mustangs
February 23rd 2011

Ryan Criag ends up in the net with the puck

Plattsburgh State's Ryan Craig (11) ends up in the net with the puck as the Cardinals would score to take the 2-0 lead on the crash of the net scrambling for the loose. After jumping out to a 2-0 lead the Cardinals would need a late 3rd period goal to send the game to over time. Then in the overtime period with 8 minutes remaining Jason Docking would send the home crowd home happy with the game winner of a rebound. With the win Cardinals will head to Geneseo this weekend to take on #2 Geneseo Ice Knights in the SUNYAC semi finals. Gallery

#4 Plattsburgh State Cardinals vs Utica College Pioneers
February 19th 2010

Megan DiJulio rocks backs and fights to stay on stakes

Plattsburgh State's Megan DiJulio (13) rocks back and fights to stay on her skates as she is crashing down on the net with the puck. Megan would help the Cardinals to the victory as she would get two goals on the evening and get an assist on the game winning goal. The Cardinals would win the game 3-2. Although with the win and RIT beating Elmira the Cardinals would settle for #2 seed in the upcoming conference tournament as RIT would win out on the tie breaker. Gallery

#7 Plattsburgh State Cardinals vs Potsdam State Bears
February 18th 2011

Vick Schlueter drives in hard on the breakaway

Plattsburgh State's Vick Schlueter (7) drives in hard on the breakaway and would score for the Cardinals one of there many goals on the night. The Plattsburgh State Cardinals would get the convincing 9-2 victory over there north country rival the Potsdam Bears. Although they needed to wait until games were over Saturday to find out there fate in the SUNYAC playoffs. When the dust settled they will be hosting Morrisville State on February 23rd in the first round of the playoffs. Gallery

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