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2011 Snow Sleds Photos

Freestyle Snow Sleds Plattsburgh, NY

Sam Rodgers backfip

Sam Rogers perfroming one of his many back flips on the day as he prepares to head back to X-Games at the end of the month. The Outer Limits Tour would put on two great shows as part of the East Coast Snocross. There was a total of 5 riders putting on death defying tricks. Gallery

Cliff hanger

Performing the Cliffhanger getting full extend on the trick in front of the crowd. Gallery

East Coast Snocross Plattsburgh, NY

Matt Rabideau wins Trail 800

Matt Rabideau from Plattsburgh would bring the local flavor to event by winning the Trail 800 class. The first stop for the East Coast Snocross in Plattsburgh had its second day of action. The major show of the day would be the Pro Open division with some of the best snocross racers in the nation at the event. Mathieu Morin with the Ski-Doo from Quebec would complete the weekend sweep in the pro class by beating Dave Allard at the finish. The weekend was a great success with over 200 riders coming and everyone looking forward to coming back next year. Gallery

side by side through whoop section

Polaris & Arctic Cat Pro Racers race side by side through the woop section.Gallery

Freestyle Snow Sleds Plattsburgh, NY

Eric St. John Superman

Eric St. John getting full extend on the Supernan seat grap in front of a very impressed crowd. The Rave-X Outer Limits Tour came to Plattsburgh, NY to put on to great shows during the down time for the East Coast Snocross races. The crowd keep growing the closer that it was time for there shows. Gallery

one handed seat grab

Performing the one handed seat grab and still trying to steer the sled. Gallery

East Coast Snocross Plattsburgh, NY

three wide over the table top

Pro Racers take it three wide over the table to start the Pro Super Stock Finals with the Arctic Cat out in front of the two Ski-Doo's. The old classic snocross would add another chapter between the Ski-Doo and Arctic Cat. Mathieu Morin on the Ski-Doo would go on to win the Pro Super Stock race. Would head into Sunday's Pro Open event looking to get the clean sweep. Gallery

Ski Doo Vs Arctic Cat over the table top

Ski-Doo's Mathieu Morin (#27) and Artic Cat's Matt Pincher (#192) side by side over the table top.Gallery


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