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Essex County Fair Truck Pull
Westport, NY August 13th 2010

John Chamberlain class clinching run

John Chamberlain in his 2010 Toyota Tundra would clinch the title for the 6,500lb Pure Stock Street Legal Truck on the final run of the season at the Essex County Fair in Westport, NY. The annual truck pull would run through 10 different classes on the night with an average 10 trucks per class. Gallery

Franklin County Fair Truck & Tractor Pull
Malone, NY August 10th 2010

Fay Cheney barrels down the track

Fay Cheney in his 2010 Nissan Titan takes part in the 5,500lb Pure Stock Street Legal Truck class during the annual truck and tractor pull in Malone, NY at the Franklin County Fair. It would turn into an all day and night affair with 35 different classes taking part in front of the packed house. Gallery

Franklin County Fair Demolition Derby
Malone, NY August 9th 2010

Franklin County Fair Demo Derby

The annual demolition derby returned to the Franklin County Fair in Malone, NY in front of another packed grandstands. Their would be 90 cars that would take part in the second night of derby action. There would some hard hitting all night long as Dan would end up in the trunk on the good rear to rear hit. Gallery

Empire Football League Week 5:
Plattsburgh North Stars @
Vermont Ice Storm August 7th 2010

Plattsburgh North Stars Shane Racette (39) with the strong one leg tackle

Plattsburgh North Stars Shane Racette (39) with the strong one leg tackle in the open to bring the Vermont Ice Storm ball carrier. It wouldn't be enough though as the North Stars suffer there first lose of the season by a score of 20-10. The first half of the game would be a defensive game as the North Stars would cling to a 3-0 at the break. In the second half is where most of the scoring would come though the Ice Storm would take a 6-3 lead on the touchdown. The North Stars would answer right back though with a touchdown pass to take a 10-6. In the end though the Ice Storm would be to much on this day as they would get two late 4th quarter touchdowns to secure the 20-10 win. The Plattsburgh North Stars will fall to 4-1 as they head into there bye week and the Ice Storm would improve to 4-1 into a tie for second place. Gallery

Champlain Valley Baseball League Semi-Finals:
Airborne Speedway/Hockey Plus Padres vs Meron's Expos
August 1st 2010

Airborne Speedway/Hockey Plus Padres Mark Eggleston (1) slides in at home

Airborne Speedway/Hockey Plus Padres Mark Eggleston (1) slides in at home to score as he takes out the Expos catcher. In game one of the three game series with the Meron's Expos the Padres would come up short 10-3. It would be a close game until the late innings when the Expos bats would wake up and score 6 runs in the seventh inning to secure the victory. Gallery

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