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20 Main Vs Gordon Oil

dives back under the tag at second

20 Main's (14) dives back and under Gordon Oil's feilder and is safe at second base after getting caught off the bag and needing to scramble back in the run down. Gordon Oil would get the win though 8-5. Gallery

leaping snow cone catch

20 Main's Joey Painter (12) with leaping catch in left field for the out. Gallery

Plattsburgh State Cardinals vs Geneseo Knights

Erin Jamieson with the running catch

Plattsburgh State's Erin Jamieson (7) with the runner catch for the out in centerfield. The Cardinals would split with Knights winning game 1 3-2 in nine innings and losing game 2 9-3. Gallery

Amy Woo contacts the low pitch

Plattsburgh State's Amy Woo (6) goes down to get the low pitch that she lifts to the outfield for the hit.Gallery

Plattsburgh State Cardinals vs Brockport Golden Eagles

Nicole Diemer bare handed grap and throw

Plattsburgh State's Nicole Diemer (5) with the bare hander grap and fire to first for the out. The Cardinals would split the doubleheader with the Golden Eagles losing game 1 in a nail bitter 2-1. They would back in game 2 to win in heroic fashion with a walk off single by Erin Jamieson in the bottom of the 7th to get the 4-3 victory. Gallery

Ashley Napear sends a shot to the gap

Plattsburgh State's Ashley Napear (24) connects on the pitch and sends a shot to the gap.Gallery


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