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Frenchies Championship Night
Mohawk International Raceway
August 30th 2019

wheels up

Harley Brown (8) cuts underneath Kevin Foster (72) for the lead in the Mod Lites main event with the wheels up. It would be Frenchies Championship night at Mohawk International with all 5 division tirles up for grabs. The first main out of the box would be the Bandits and the win would go to Matt Zira after he charged from the last starting position to the win in the 10 lap main and he would also be crowned the season champion. Next up would be the Novice Sportsman Modified and the win would go to Jonathan Rush for first win in just under a year at Mohawk after sprited battle with Dan Beachard and the championship would go to Dan Reif in first year in a Sportsman Modified. Then after the intermission we would be back in action with the Crossroad Tabasco Sportsman Modified and it would be a see saw affair up front between RJ Tressiders and Rickey Thompson with win going to Thompson on a restart with the championship going to Shane Pecore would got a third in the last race. Then we would have the Mod Lites and that would see a fight up between the new series champion Kevin Foster and Harley Brown with the win going to Brown. Then it would be the main event of the evening with the Frenchies 358 Modifieds going 50 laps. It would see Mike Mareseca charge from mid pack to the front and have a battle for the win with Tim Fuller and would see Maresca take the lead with ten to go and hold on for the win. Although the championship would go to Chris Raabe who had a 9th on the night but had enough points in the bag to hold on for the win. Next up at Mohawk will be the Mohawk Nationals a two day show on September 13 and 14 with the Dirtcar Sportsman and Pro Stock Series, Mod Lites, Super Dirtcar Series and the 358 Modified Series. Gallery

Back to School/Nostalgia Night Presented by Casella Waste Systems
Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway
August 24th 2019

sidr by side

Jamy Begor (19) gets below Adam Pierson (15) as they go into turn and takes the lead for the win. It would be race seventeen at Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway and it would be back to school/Nostalgia Night presented by Casella Waste Systems. The first main up would be the Nostalgia Tour and there 25 lap event would go to Josh Powers. Then it would be the Egglefield Ford 358 Modified and the win would go to Stephen Bernier for his third win of the season he would have some challenge from Mike Mahanney but Bernier would be in control. Then up would be the Porier True Value Sportsman Modified and Chris Frennier would get the lead off the start but that would be short lived as Adam Pierson would get the lead. Although Begor would charging up and would take the lead and get the win for his second win in four days. Next up would be the Ernie's Discount Tools Super Stock and this would be exciting race with many cautions throughout including the leaders spinning with three laps to go. Off the restart with Zack Daniels would get the win for his second of the season. Then the Novice Sportsman Modified would see first time winner Jonathan Rush. Then the Chris Frennier Motorsports Strictly Stock would have last main event of the night but that wouldn't happen as the track unsafe do to oil all around the track. They will be in action next week as it is DIRTcar Championship night presented by Egglefield Ford. Gallery

DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Presented by Leary Restoration
Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway
August 20th 2019

battle to stay out front

Lance Wilix (31) battles to stay in the lead of the 100 lap race ahead of Erick Rudolph. It would be the sixteenth race of the season at Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway and it would the be DIRTcar 358 Series visit to the track for the season present by Leary Restoration. The main event of the season would see a battle up front all night long between Lance Willix and Erick Rudolph. Rudolph would get the win on a late race pass to cash in on the 4,000 dollar win. Also in action that night would be the Porier True Value Sportsman Modified for a thousand to win race and the win would go to Jamy Begor after he charged from tenth in the 35 lap event. Then in the Chris Frennier Motorsports Strictly would go to Nathan Smart and get his 7th win of the season. Next up at Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway will be Back to School Night/ Nostalgia Night Presented by Casella. Gallery

Franklin County Fair
New York Tractor Pullers
Malone, NY
August 11th 2019


Dan MacDonald and Silent Thunder with the wheelstand that he cares the length of the track for a 4th place finish. It would be the annual return of the New York Tractor Pullers to the Franklin County Fair expect this time it would be a full show as they added the Modified Tractors and Pro Diesel Trucks. There would be 45 entries on the day with the 6 divisions of high horsepower action. As for the winners on the day it would be Joshua Gardiner and Black Magic Reloaded in the Pro Diesel Trucks, John Duggan Jr. and Road Runner in the Modified Tractors, Jason Vander Wert and 44 Special Reload in the Super Farm, Henry Everman and Forced Decision in the Super Stock Alochol, Jeff Hayes 20 Mule Team in the Super Stock Diesel, and Jon Dietzel and Howling Wolf in the Two Wheel Drive Trucks. Next up for the New York Tractor Pullers will be the Delware County Fair on August 14th. Gallery

Adirondack Tractor Pullers
Franklin County Fair Tractor Pull
Malone, NY
August 11th 2019

power pass

Keenan Carter and Team Carter Pulling with the power pass down the track in the 13,000lbs farm stock class. It would be the Adirondack Tractor Pullers annual return to the franklin county fair for there tractor. There would be 23 classes on the day for antique, stock, hot farm, altered stock, super farm and semis. It would be a great day of pulling with many close battles for the win. The Adirondack Tractor Pullers will be back in action this weekend with a truck and tractor pull at the Essex County Fair this friday and saturday. Gallery

Franklin County Fair
Demolition Derby Night #2
Malone, NY
August 10th 2019

hit and over she goes

John Snyder (4) with the hard hit to the side of Justin Burgess (20b) that sends up and over during a four cylinder. It would be the second night of demolition derby action at the Franklin County Fair there would be around 120 cars in the pits from compact, 8 cylinder and truck and vans. Before the night would start though we would go back and honor the past with the first demolition derby hall of fame and there would be 13 members in the class. Once the derby got underway the smashing would be fierce from start to finish with a couple rollovers and few fires throughout the night. When the smashing would end on the night there would be three winners on the night Randy Martin in the 4 cylinder class, Jerry O'Connor in the truck class, and Chris Mossow in the 8 cylinder class. Gallery

Franklin County Fair
Harness Racing
August 8th 2019

grouped together

Harold Smith and Strong Pulse leading the pack in the fourth race over Kevin Gale and Last Minute Mike. It would be the annual harness racing day at the Franklin County Fair there would be 12 races on day totaling just over 35 thousand dollars in prize money. With all the racing on day there would be multiple drivers with multiple wins but the champion of the day would be Kelly Barcomb. Gallery

KSR Night of Fire and Destruction
Franklin County Fair Malone, NY
August 6th 2019

Wall of Fire

Doug Danger takes his motorcycle through the wall of fire. It would be the KSR Night of Fire and Destruction at the Franklin County Fair as the thrill show made there return to the fair. It would start with some percesion driving skills and then we would move into Doug Danger tricks with the motorcycle and he would end his protion taking his motorcycle through the wall of fire. Then you would have crash Monreau doing his crazy stunts with the wall of steel and then the human explosion where he set himself on fire. The night would end with a special treat as they would have Eddie Como and his Anger Management monster truck do a freestyle run to end the night. Gallery

Franklin County Fair
Demolition Derby Night #1
Malone, NY
August 5th 2019

up and on top

Bryona Snyder (14) slams into Heather Hayes (14) and then in turn heats Chelsey Marshall (21) who rides up on top of the car. It would be the opening night of the demolition derby at the Franklin County Fair with around 90 cars ranging from the 4 and 6 cylinders all the way up to the fire breathing 8 cylinders. There would be smashing and banging throughout the night with many hard hits. When the smashing would stop the winners of the night would be Chad King in the 8 cylinder class and Jerry O'Connor in the 4 cylinder class. They will be back at the smashing action this Saturday August 10th with the second night of derby action. Gallery

Adirondack Truck Pullers
Franklin County Fair
August 4th 2019

power run

Pat Silver and Ma and Pa Headache takes it on a power pass down the left sideline for a pull of over 310 feet. It would be the annual truck pull at the franklin county fair put on by the Adirondack Tractor Pullers there would be 14 classes with 65 hooks on the day. The classes would range from the stock truck all the way up to the Pro Stock 4x4 trucks. The pullers would come all the way from New York, Vermont, and Ontario. We would like to congratulate all the winners on the day. Next up for the Adirondack Tractor Pullers willGallery

Laware Construction Night
Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway
August 3rd 2019

gliding through

Justin Severance (4) gliding through the corner durning the main on the night. It would be Laware Construction Night at Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway and week 14 of the season. With this week we would have all six divisions in action with the 358 Modifieds, Sportsman Modified, Novice Sportsman Modified, Pro Stock, Super Stock and Strictly Stock, It would be a great night of racing before the rain came and would halt the night short without the Super Stock and Strictly Stock getting there events in. As for the one that go the racing in it would Lance Willix winning the Egglefield Ford 358 Modifieds, Jamy Begor in the Porier's True Value Sportsman Modified, CD Beauchamp in the Hartson Total Opening Pro Stock for the first repeat winner of the season, and it would be Cody Meyers winning the Novice Sportsman Modified. They will be back racing this coming weekend as it will be Military Apperication night at the track presented by Huntley Trucking with double features for the Super Stock and Strictly Stock. (Photo Credit Don Simpson) Gallery

Snap on Night
Mohawk International Raceway
August 2nd 2019

side by side

Brandon Villnave (80j) goes side by side with Scott Sharp (16) through turn 4 as they battle for a top 5. It would be Snap On Tool night at Mohawk International Raceway and all 5 divisions would be in action. The winners on the night would be Tim Fuller in the Frenchies Chevy 358 Modified after a good battle with Chris Raabe that would see them swap the lead a couple times. Then in the Crossroad Tabaco Sportsman Modified and the winner would be Robert Delormier after a battle with Brianna Ladoucier. Then would have a Mod Lites and the cream would rise to the top as Robert Foster would win again. In the Novice Sportsman Modified Deric Ellisworth would get his first career win after leading wire to wire. Then to finish out the night Frank White would win the Bandits race after a battle with Matt Zirra and ending his win streak in the division. They will be back in action next weekend at Mohawk International Raceway on August 9th. Gallery


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