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Monster Spectacular 25

sent into orbit

RJ Turner and War Wizard sends the truck into orbit over the jammer stack. It would be the annually Monster Spectacular from the Olympic Stadium in Montreal with 14 trucks in attendance Wadded Up, Bucking Bronco, Avenger, Brutus, Rage, Axe, War Wizard, Anger Management, Rat Nasty, Loud and Dirty, Overkill Evolution, Black Stallion, Backdraft, and Muddy Girl in front of nearly 30 thousand people. The night would start off with the two wheel skills contest and when it was all said down the winner was Overkill Evolution. Then it was on to racing with the 14 truck single elimination bracket and when it was brought down to finals it would be Overkill Evolution over Backdraft after Backdraft had upset Avenger in the Quarterfinals. Then it would be the ever popular freestyle and the top runs of the night would be War Wizard with the big air performance and Overkill Evolution with the all around lets just tear the truck down. When it was all said and done Overkill Evolution would get the win for the clean sweep on the night. Gallery


Kassie Boone with the heartattack during the freestyle motocross portion of the monster spectacular. Gallery

Monster Jam Arena Championship
Albany NY #1

walks the truck

Bad News Travels Fast and Brandon Deerow walks it across the dirt mound on the center of the floor.It would be the open stop of fourteen on the Monster Jam Arena Championship Tour. There would be eight monster trucks at event along with the quad racers. The monster trucks would compete in Racing, 2 Wheel Skills, Dounts and Freestyle action. As for the quad racers and would compete in standard and obstacle course racing. As for the winners on the day in monster trucks it would be Grave Digger in racing and 2 Wheel Skills, Stinger Unleashed in Dounts and Scooby Doo in Freestyle. As for the quad racing it would go to Stinger Unleashed in Obstacle Racing and Bad News Travels Fast in Racing action. When the dust would settle on the day the Stinger Unleashed would be crowned the Overall winner and take the early lead in the season championship. Gallery

luanch for the win

Stinger Unleashed quad racer would launch it over the final jump for the win in the obstacle course finals over Bad News Travels Fast. Gallery


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