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Champlain Valley Athletic Conference Week 1
Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Saranac Lake Red Storm
August 31st 2018

The juke

Plattsburgh's Jayvon Carpenter (23) with the juke at the line to hit the hole and get the gain for the first down. It would be the opening night of the Champlain Valley Athletic Conference football season and we would see the Platsburgh Hornets host the Saranac Lake Red Storm. The Hornets would tske the 6-0 lead on the 32 yard run by Lestyn Williams. Lestyn Williams would strike again on a 15 yard run at 8:02 of the first quarter to extend there lead to 13-0. In the first few seconds of the second quarter the Horners would strike again with a 22 yard pass to Zack Bieber to make it 20-0 and thats where the game would be at halftime. When the teams came back for the second half the Horners wouldn't take long to extend the lead as Liam Rascoe would run back the opening kick 88 yards for the 26-0 lead. In the fourth quarter in the last two minutes of the game the Hornets would strike on more time with a 65 yard run by Andrew Swiesz to secure the 32-0 victory. In the winning effort the Plattsburgh Hornets would go to 1-0 while the Saranac Lake Red Storm would fall to 0-1 on the season. Gallery

North Country Flag Football Week 1
Team Livsey Vs Team Braxton
August 26th 2018

leaping catch

Austin Velie with the leaping catch over the middle for the first and big gain. It would be the opening day of the North Country Flag Football League. In the opening game it would be Team Livsey vs Team Braxton. This would be a game that would come down to defense. As Team Braxton would have a 6-0 lead after the first half. In the second half defenses would still reign supreme as Team Braxton would score one more and secure the 13-0 victory. In the winning effort Team Braxton goes to 1-0 while Team Livsey falls to 0-1. Gallery

North Country Flag Football Week 1
Team St. John Vs Team Castine
August 26th 2018

big guy with moves

Team Castine's John Southwick shows off the moves after the catch. It would be Team St. John Vs Team Castine to finish off the opening day of the North Country Flag Football season. Team Castine would take a 13-0 lead after the first half. In second half Team St. John would try to stay with them but Team Castine would be to much for them as they win the half 20-0 and secure the 33-0 victory. In the winning effort Team Castine would go to 1-0 while Team St. John falls to 0-1 on the season. Gallery

KSR Motorsports Night of Fire and Destruction
Champlain Valley Fair Essex Junction, Vermont
August 26th 2018

Hang Time

Christian Norman and Bigfoot getting some hang time over the car stack and shows off the under carriage of the truck. It would be the KSR Motorsports annual stop to the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex Junction, Vermont for there Night of Fire and Destruction tour. The would bring six monster trucks Annihilator, Storm Damage, Hurricane Force, Toxic, Bad News Travels Fast along with one mini monster Zombie Sniper. They would also have the Quad Wars with Team Vermont Vs Team New Jersey and stunts with Crash Monreau and Tony Pederson. As for the Monster Trucks they would have a freestyle show only and the unofficial winner would be Bigfoot. As for the quad wars the winner would be Team Vermont 2-1. In the stunts portion of the show they would Tony Pederson and his two wheel stunts and Crash Monreau doing the human blow torch. Gallery

Military Appreciation Night Presented by Huntley Trucking
Airborne Park Speedway
August 25th 2018

honoring heroes

Before we would go racing tonight we would take time to honor men and women who served are country. It would be Military Appreciation night presented by Huntley Trucking at Airborne Park Speedway. As the season coming to end you could see that people were fighting for those few vaulable points to make that late season push. As there would many cautions throughout the night with guys fighting over position. As for the winners on night in the 358 Modified it would be Stephen Bernier, Sportsman Modified Mike Phinney and Jason McClatchie, Super Stock Tylor Terry Mini-Modifieds Josh LaPorte and in the Strictly Stock Shawn Walker. Gallery

Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour Presented by Unique E-Cigs
Airborne Park Speedway
August 18th 2018

battle for the win

Jamie LaFountain (20x) uses the high side to take the lead from Jamy Begor (19) in the Sportsman Modified feature. It would be Dirt Modified Nostalgia night at Airborne Park Speedway with 63 cars among the five regular divisions and 11 for the Nostalgia Tour. As for the racing on track it be very clean night with good racing on track on track. As for the winners on night it would be Steve Bernier 358 Modified, Jamie LaFountain Sportsman Modified, Jim McKerrian Super Stock, Dave Demore Mini-Modifieds and Michael Daniels in the Strictly Stock. Gallery


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