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T&B Metals & Froggers Used Auto Derby

nose to nose

The 12 and 39 would go nose to nose for a crunching hit battling for position. It would be the T&B Metals Froggers Used Auto demolition derby at Airborne Park Speedway to finish of the season. There would be a total of 17 cars that would be compete for the 1,000 dollars. Seeing the number of cars it would be just one feature and the winner gets the cash. Gallery

body jaring hit

The 92 of Beeshaw would crunch the other car so hard it would fling the other guy sideways in the car. Gallery

Gouverneur Spring Derby

lidt off

The (8) would put crunching hit on the (51) that would get under the car and it would be lifted off the ground. It would be the annual spring demolition derby at the St Lawrence County Fairgrounds in Gouverneur. There would be around 40 cars for the afternoon of smashing and crunching. When it was all said and done the winner would be Chris Ames and he would take home a $750 check for the win and a spot in the feature at the derby during the fair in August. Gallery

twisted up

The (55) would use the back end of and put a hard hit on the front of the (7) that would twist it all up during the 8 cylinder feature. Gallery


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