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Super Dirt Week XLVII
Oswego Speedway

battle for lead

Shane Pecore (0) looks to the high side and attempts to get by Robert Bublack (27b) as they battle for the lead. It would be the final day of Super Dirt Week XLVII and the features would be the main course of the day. In the first race of the day it would be the Chevy Performance 75 for the Sportsman Modified and the eventual winner would be Shane Pecore after a last lap pass on Robert Bublack to get the win and cash in on the 4,000 dollar paycheck. Next up on the day would be the Dirtcar Pro Stock 50. This race would also come down to a last lap pass but even better as C.D. Beauchamp would pass Chuck Dumblewski coming off turn four and cash in on the 2,000 dollar paycheck. That would only leave one race left on the day and that would be the Bill Whitaker Car and Truxs 200. It would be a great race up front all day between Jimmy Phelps and Larry Wight battling for the lead all day long. The eventual winner would be Larry Wight as Jimmy Phelps had to make late race pitstop for a tire issue. Although that would not end the race as Stewart Friesen would battle to the end to try and deny the win for Larry Wight. With the win Larry Wight would win first Super Dirt Week and cash in the 50,000. Gallery


C.D. Beauchamp (88) waiting in the wing as he follows Chuck Dumblewski (7d) looking for opening and would eventually get the win. Gallery

jumps the bank

Howard Blow (26) would jump the bank and slam into the disabled car of Rachel Dumas (511) causing race ending damage to both cars. It would be the season finale at Airborne Park Speedway and as in years past they would end with the enduro. This year there would be 98 cars that would take part in the event. It would be on a very dry track that would see alot of dust making people vision difficult out there. Richie Turner the winner on the day or so it seemed took the lead around lap 100 and would cross the line as the winner. Although the victory would be short lived cause a tire issue would cost him the win during tech. The winner of the event would eventual be Trevor Jaques. Gallery

in front of the feild

Tyler Atwell (333) spins in front of the feild causing Caleb Tourville (42) Adam Stickles (27s) and Andy Botala (941) to scatter to avoid him. Gallery

American/Canadian Sprint Car Clash Presented by Peru Farm Supply
Airborne Park Speedway

photo finish

Shawn Walker (77) edges out Caleb Tourville (42) for the Strictly Stock Feature win. It would be the last race day of the season and the first ever American/Canadian Sprint Car Clash presented by Peru Farm Supply. There would be some great racing on the day with Airborne's weekly divisions Super Stock, Mini-Modifieds, and Strictly championships decided along with a non-points Sportsman Modified. In the main event of the day Stephen Porier would beat out Chuck Hebbing in a late race battle for the $4,000 pay out. In Sportsman Modified action Adam Pierson would get his first win a Sportsman Modified. As for the championship races in Strictly Stock division Shawn Walker would nose out Caleb Tourville for the feature win and win his second straight Strictly Stock title. In the Mini-Modifieds Josh Laporte would get the win and clinch the Points championship. As for the Super Stock division Brent Jarvis would get the overall win a three 15 lap segment race and clinch his second straight Super Stock championship.

pass for lead

Adam Pierson (15) dives to the bottom and gets by Dylan Rabtoy (22) for the lead in the closing laps to score his first victory.

Dirtcar Pro Stock Series Presented by Garrand Motorsports
Airborne Park Speedway

by a fender

C.D. Beauchamp (88) would fend off all challengers in the Pro Stock Series race and win. It would be the Dirtcar Pro Stock Series presented by Garrand Motorsports. It would be a great races with close battles throughout. Although when the night was done C.D. Beauchamp would win the Pro Stock Series 50. Other winners on the night would be Chris Frennier Sportsman Modified, Mini-Modifieds Josh Laporte and Dave Demore and in the Strictly Stock it would be Caleb Tourville and Shawn Walker.

career win one

Chris Frennier (93) cruises to the win in the Sportsman Modified race for his first Airborne Park Speedway Dirt win.

Labor Day Special Presented by Egglefield Ford
Airborne Park Speedway

battle at the line

Michael Wright (78) nips Jim McKerrien (52) at the line as the battle to the checkered flag. It would be week 14 at Airborne Park Speedway which would be the Labor Day Special Presented by Egglefield Ford and the last points night for the 358 Modified and the Sportsman Modified. It would be a good night of racing at the Big A with many battles on track and tempers flaring up a couple times. Although when the dust settled in the 358 Modifieds Steve Bernier would win the race and be crowned the 2018 Track Champion. While in the rest of the racing Jeremy Roy would win the Sportsman Modified race and Nick Heywood would be crowned track champion. While in the Super Stock they would have double feature and Tylor Terry and Michael Wright would get the win. In the Mini-Modifieds Shawn Moquin and Shawn Walker wins the Strictly Stock. Gallery

the chase in on

Jeremy Roy (90jr) chasing down Codie Aubin (7) in the Sportsman Modifird he would entually catch him and take the victory. Gallery

Military Appreciation Night Presented by Huntley Trucking

Battle for the lead

Chris Raabe (01) and Stephen Bernier (25) battle for the lead off a restart in the 358 Modified feature. It would be Military Appreciation night presented by Huntley Trucking at Airborne Park Speedway. As the season coming to end you could see that people were fighting for those few vaulable points to make that late season push. As there would many cautions throughout the night with guys fighting over position. As for the winners on night in the 358 Modified it would be Stephen Bernier, Sportsman Modified Mike Phinney and Jason McClatchie, Super Stock Tylor Terry Mini-Modifieds Josh LaPorte and in the Strictly Stock Shawn Walker. Gallery

Down to the wire

Tylor Terry (44) beats Jim McKerrian (52) by a nose as they charge down to the checkered flag in the Super Stock feature. Gallery

Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour Presented by Unique E-Cigs
Airborne Park Speedway

side by side

Michael Daniels (95D) and Lynn Denton (007) battle for the early lead in the Strictly Stock feature event. It would be Dirt Modified Nostalgia night at Airborne Park Speedway with 63 cars among the five regular divisions and 11 for the Nostalgia Tour. As for the racing on track it be very clean night with good racing on track on track. As for the winners on night it would be Steve Bernier 358 Modified, Jamie LaFountain Sportsman Modified, Jim McKerrian Super Stock, Dave Demore Mini-Modifieds and Michael Daniels in the Strictly Stock. Gallery

for the lead

Stephen Bernier (25) dives low on Chris Raabe (01) to take the lead during the 358 Modified Feature event to extend his points lead in the division. Gallery

Super Dirt Series Presented by Phil's Chevrolet

pass on the bottom

Jack Shepshock (08) with the pass on the bottom by Jason Bruno (66) and Chris Cayea (18). It would be the return of the Super Dirtcar Series to the Airborne for the second edition of the Battle of Plattsburgh 100. It would great evening of racing as the Super Dirtcar Series, Sportsman Modified, Super Stock and Mini-Modified divisions in action. In the main event of the evening Matt Shepherd would lead the first 98 laps. On a restart with two laps to go Danny Johnson would get around Matt Shepherd for the victory. Also getting wins on the night would be Jake Speshock in the Sportsman Modified, Tylor Terry in the Super Stock and Cam Gadue in the Mini-Modifieds. The racing will pick back up on August 4th with the third round of the Unquie Cigs Sportsman Modified Series. Gallery


Tylor Terry (44) charges to the line for his 5th victory of the season. Gallery

Spectator Races Presented by Vertigo Motorsports


Michael Wright (78) beats Tylor Terry (44) across the line for the win for the win in the Super Stock feature. It would be regular show at Airborne Park Speedway plus the popular spectator races presented by Vertigo Motorsports. It would be a very clean night with few wrecks on the evening. As for the racing on track the winners on the night would Jessey Mueller (two in row) 358 Modifieds, Devin Willis (1st career win) Sportsman Modified, Michael Wright (1st of the season) Super Stock, Dave Demore (1st career win) Mini-Modifieds, Shawn Walker 6th win of the season) Strictly Stocks. Airborne Park Speedway will be back in action on July 25th for the biggest show of the year as the World of Outlaws make there first ever apperance to the track Gallery

Pulling away

Devin Willis (7w) pulling away from Mike Palmer (85p) and Bucko Branham (20) for the win during the Sportsman Modified heat races. Gallery

Airborne Park Speedway Hall of Fame Night Presented by Momont Trailer Sales.

avoids wreck and wins

Jessey Mueller (19) would avoid the spinning Patrick Dupree (24) in the head race and comeback and win the 30 lap feature. It would be a historic night at the Airborne Park Speedway as it would be the first hall of fame class for the Airborne Park Speedway. In a ceremnony at intermission the first five members would be inducted Morris Broderick, Charlie Trombley, Bob Bruno, Dick Newphew and Jacky Peterson. As for the racing on track it would be a night that these induces these hall of famers would be proud to watch. The winners on the night would be Jessey Mueller 358 Modifieds, Bucko Branham Sportsman Modified, Tylor Terry Super Stock, Josh LaPorte Mini-Modifieds, and Shawn Walker Strictly Stock. Gallery

battle for the early lead

Devin Willis (7W) and Lonnie Rivers (R7) would battle for the early lead in the sportsman modified feature. Gallery

Dirtcar Northeast Series Presented by Pepsi

for the lead

Nick Heywood (29) dives to the bottom and the classic battle with Bucko Branham (20) is on again as they battle for fifth position. It would be a special Tuesday night at airborne park speedway as the Dirtcar Northeast Tour was in town along with the Super Stocks, Mini Modifieds, and Strictly Stocks. It would be a great night of racing with many closes battles throughout night and some coming right down to the end. When the dust settled the winners on the night were Shawn Pecore Sportsman Modified, Tylor Terry Super Stock, Josh LaPorte Mini Modifieds, Kyle Botala Strictly Stock. Airborne Park Speedway will be back action Saturday July as it will be there first hall of fame induction night. Gallery

the classic battle

Tylor Terry (44) battles with Jim Mckiernan (52) for the lead off the restart. Tylor Terry would end up getting his four win in the last five races. Gallery

358 Modified Trophy Dash Presented by Plattsburgh Ford

three wide

Chris Raabe (01) dives to the bottom to get by George Foley (34) and Travis Bruno (91) and get the 358 feature win. It would be the 358 Trophy Dash Presented by Plattsburgh Ford. It would be a good night of racing at the track after the top groove came in and very competitive racing. As for the winners Chris Raabe wins the 358 Modified with the Dash going to Travis Bruno, Sportsman Modified Nick Heywood, Super Stock Tylor Terry (third in a row), Mini-Modifieds Cam Gaude, Strictly Stock Shawn Walker (Four in a row). Next week at Airborne Park Speedway will be the mid season championships. Gallery

third wide

Michael Wright (78) splits the middle and gets by a pair of pickups Michael Wells (76) and Tyler Irwin (54) as he charges from the back. Gallery

Empire Super Sprints Presented by Porier True Value

underneath to the lead and win

Matt Woodrudd (55) takes it to the bottom and passes Steven Bernier (25) for the lead and eventual win in the 358 Modified feature. It would be Empire Super Sprints night at Airborne Park Speedway presented by Porier True Value. It would be a great night of racing in front of a packed house. As for the racing on track Coleman Gulick would get his first win of the season to pad his point lead in Empire Super Sprints point. In the Quebec Lightning Sprints it would be Jordan Porier. As for the weekly divisions at Airborne Ricky Thompson gets the Sportsman Modified win for his first of the season, Matt Woodruff in the 358 Modifieds also his first of the season and Tylor Terry gets his second win in the Super Stock class. Next weekend at Airborne will be the 358 Modified Trophy dash presented by Plattsburgh Ford. Gallery

outside and win

Tylor Terry (44) passes Michael Wright (78) for the lead and win as Michael Wright gets loose on the bottom of the track. Gallery

Volunteer Fire & EMS Night Presented by Haun Welding

Battle for the lead

Michael Wright (78) and Brent Jarvis (32) are slinging mud through the corner during the heat race of the Super Stock. It would be three race of season at Airborne Park Speedway and it would be volunteer Fire and EMS night Presented by Haun Welding. The feature event of the evening would be a 50 lap sportsman modified race part of the Unquie E-Cigs Series. The winning of that race would be Bucko Branham as part of a great battle up front. As for the other races on tap Stephen Beriner, Super Stock Tylor Terry, Mini-Modifieds Josh LaPorte and Strictly Stock would go to Shawn Walker. Next week would be week four of the season and will feature a regular show along with the Empire Super Sprints and Quebec Lightning cars. Gallery

side by side

Cam Guade (23) and Zack Woods are side by side down the frontstretch battling for second place in the mini-modified feature. Gallery

Autograph Night Presented by A-Verdi Storage Container

wheel to wheel

Cory McCoy (69C) and Mike Palmer 85p go wheel to wheel through the turn. It would be the second week of racing at Airborne Park Speedway and it would be Autograph Night Presented by A-Verdi Storage Containers. There would be some wheel to wheel racing and for the most part be a clean night with only a few wrecks on the night. As for the racing there would be 62 cars on the night for the five divisions. The winners on the night would be Stephen Bernier in the 356 Modifieds, Nick Heywood in the Sportsman Modified, Shawn Duquette Super Stock, Zach Woods in the Mini-Modified and Shawn Walker in the strictly Stock. Gallery

rubbing is racing

The Michael Wright (78) mike contact with the 52 of Jim McKerain as they slide through the turn trying to qualify for the feature. Gallery

65th Season Opener Presented by Day Brothers Boats and Law


Steve Bernier (25) collides with Michael Parent (25p) when he went for spin. Although Steve Bernier would recovery and finish fourth on the night. It would opening night of the season at Airborne Park Speedway Presented by Day Brothers Boats along with Law Enforcement Night. It noticed early in the night that the drivers were eager to get the season started and get that first race win of the season. As there would be many cautions throughout the night along with a couple red flags. There would be a total of 82 cars on the grounds split up over the five divisions with the most being in the Sportsman Modifed division with 37 cars on grounds. As the racing action it would start with Shawn Walker winning the Strictly Stock, then Brent Jarvis winning the Super Stock, then Bucko Branham in the Sportsman Modified, Chris Raabe 358 Modified and end with Zack Woods winning the Mini-Modified division. The action will be back next weekend (May 12th) with Autograph night presnted by A-Verdi Storage Containers. Gallery

side by side

Michael Wright (78) and Brent Jarvis (32) battle side by side through the corner for the lead in the Super Stock feature as the Championship contenders go for the first win of the season. Gallery

Fourth of July Celebration plus Can-Am Mod Lites Series Presented by Champlain Peterbuilt

bumper to bumper

Tylor Terry (44) is right at the bumper of Joe Daniels (9) as he pushes him down the front stretch. It would be the Fourth of July Celebration plus Can-Am Mod Lites Series presented by Champlain Peterbuilt. It would be a very interesting evening of racing as the combination of the heat and full moon would would have drivers on edge. As there was multiple crashes on the night with a couple drivers ending up on there lid and some damaged race cars. When the carnage settled the winners on the night would be Chris Raabe 358 Modifieds, Jamie LaFountain Sportsman Modified, Super Stock Jim McKerrain, Mini-Modifieds Cam Guade, and Strictly Stock Caleb Tourville. Airborne will be right back in action on Tuesday July 3rd for the Dirtcar Sportsman Modified Northeast series. Gallery

three wide

Jessey Mueller (19) cuts three the middle of Travis Bruno (91NY) and Matt Woodruff (55) as they battle for position in the heat race. Gallery


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