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Plattsburgh State Cardinals Vs R.P.I. Engineers

face off

Plattsburgh State's Travis Mauro (4) battles for the face off win at centerfeild. The Plattsburgh State Cardinals would host the R.P.I. Engineers in non league actionIn the first quarter the Engineers would get the only two goals for the 2-0 lead after the first quarter. In the second quarter the offense would come alive for the Cardinals as they would score four goals from Billy Moller (2), Kevin Litchauer and Ryan Hubbard. Although the Engineers wuld also get two goals and the game would be tied at 4-4 as the teams went into halftime. In the third quarter the Cardinals would get out scored 3-1 to make it 7-5 with the lone Cardinal goal coming from Brad Johnston. In the fourth quarter the Engineers would put the icing on the cake as they outscore the Cardinals 4-1 with the Cardinal goal coming from Ryan Hubbard as the Cardinals fall 11-6. In the losing effort the Cardinals would fall to 1-6 on the season. Gallery

fend off defender

Plattsburgh State's Billy Moller (15) fends off the defender and charges down the middle as part of a two goal game. Gallery


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