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A Semi-Finals
#2 KC Photo Video Vs #3 Show Me Your TD's


KC Photo Video's Alex Price with the leaping catch in the back of the end zone for the score. It would be the second semi-finals in the A Class Indoor Flag Football as #2 KC Photo Video would take on #3 Show Me Your TD's . KC Photo Video would show that they were the better team early as they would have a 31-12 lead at the intermission. When the teams came back for the second half it would be more of the same as they win the second half 34-8 to secure the 65-20 victory. In the winning effort KC Photo Video advances to the finals against North Country Auto Glass. Gallery


KC Photo Video's Angelica Porter with the interception along the sidelines take possession back. Gallery

A Semi-Finals
North Country Auto Glass Vs Fosters Sports


Foster Sports receiver with the touchdown over the middle. It would be North Country Auto Glass meeting up with Fosters Sports in the semi-finals of the A Class Indoor Flag Football. North Country Auto Glass would have a 31-25 lead at the half in tightly contested game. In the second half defenses would come alive as North Country Auto Glass would win the half 8-2 and secure the 38-27 victory. In the winning effort they advance to the championship game. Gallery


North Country Auto Glass Brandon St. John with the catch at midfield for the first down. Gallery


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