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2017 Womens Soccer Photos

Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Peru Indians

save along sidelines

Plattsburgh's Meghan Sullivan (17) races the ball ahead of the defender and saves ball before it goes over the sidelines. It would be a crosstown match up in the C.V.A.C. as the Plattsburgh Hornets would host the Peru Indians. The Hornets would get the opening goal of the game from Madeleine Woodward at the 28th minute as the Hornets would take the 1-0 lead. Then just over a minute later the Hornets would extend there lead to 2-0 as Elisa Rodriquez would find the back of the net. The game would stay there til the second half when the Hornets would extend there lead to 3-0 on the Brina Micheels goal at the 51st minute. Then the Hornets would put the icing on the cake in 68th minute on the Kathleen Sullivan goal to secure the 4-0 victory. In the winning effort Delaney McCormick would make 6 saves for the shutout victory. Gallery

beating defender

Plattsburgh's Brina Micheels (10) races pass the defender and takes it inside the 18 for the shot. Gallery

Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Saranac Chiefs

shoulder to shoulder

Plattsburgh's Paige Murray (5) goes shoulder to shoulder down the sidelines with the Saranac defender for the ball. It would be the Plattsburgh Hornets hosting the Saranac Chiefs in C.V.A.C. conference. It would be a game that would even throughout with both looking for the slight edge over the other. The game would eventually head to overtime with no one scoring. In the extra 20 minutes it would be more of the same as the teams would finish in a 0-0 tie. Gallery,/a>

double team

Plattsburgh's Tenzin Pema (14) and Madeleine Woodward (19) double team the Saranac ball controller for position of the ball.Gallery,/a>

Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Ausable Valley Patriots

battle in corner

Plattsburgh's Meghan Sullivan (17) battles for room in the corner on the centering attempt. It would be a C.V.A.C. match up between the Plattsburgh Hornets and Ausable Valley Patriots The Hornets would get the opening goal in the 12th minute from Brina Micheels for the 1-0 lead. The Hornets would extend the lead to 2-0 in the closing minute of the first half when Brina Micheels would get her second goal of the game. The Hornets would jump right out in the second half and extend the lead to 3-0 when Madeleine Woodward would score in the 41st minute. In the 48th minute Madeleine Woodward would strike again for the Hornets to make it 4-0. Then in the 63rd minute the Patriots would get there lone goal of the game to make it 4-1. Then the 71st minute the Hornets would add one more from Tenzin Pema to secure the 5-1 victory. Gallery

one on one

Plattsburgh's Hannah Glicksman (2) going one on one with the Ausable Valley defender. Gallery

Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Beekmantown Eagles


Plattsburgh's Hannah Glicksman (2) shields the ball from Beekmantown's Danielle Dyke along the sidelines.It would be C.V.A.C. Girls Soccer action as the Plattsburgh Hornets would host the Beekmantown Eagles. The Eagles would opeming up the scoring in the 25th minute on Alyssa Waters goal. Then in the 36th minutes the Eagles would strike again on Danielle Dyke goal to extend the lead to 2-0 headed into the break. When the teams came back to play the Eagles would pick up where they left off as Alyssa Waters would strike again in the 51st minute to extend the lead to 3-0. The Eagles would get another to extend the lead to 4-0 on the Leah Casey goal in the 72nd minute. Then in the last minute of the game the Eagles would put it away on the Kirsten Villemaire goal to secure the 5-0 win. In the winning effort the Eagles would stay undefeated at 7-0. Gallery


The Plattsburgh Hornets goalie would the chest save on the long range shot. Gallery

Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Northeastern Clinton Cougars


Plattsburgh's Meghan Sullivan (17) drags the ball around the Northeastern Clinton player and gains position. It would be a CVAC regular season match between the Plattsburgh Hornets and Northeastern Clinton Cougars. The Cougars would take the early 1-0 lead in the first half. The game would remain there til there was four minutes remaining in the game and the Hornets would tie the game at 1. The team would then head to overtime where the Hornets would take the 2-1 lead 6 minutes in. Although they would have to finish the period and the Cougars would score inside the final minute and then game would end in a 2-2 tie. Gallery

along sidelines

Plattsburgh's Elisa Rodriquez (9) with the run down the sidelines and beat the Northeastern Clinton defender to the corner. Gallery


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