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Demolition Derby Showdown

head to fender

Anthony Smyte (70) with yjr hard shot to the front fender of the Stockwell (96) car during the 8 cylinder feature. It would be the Demolition Derby Showdown presented by Moore 24 Receyling and Airborne Park Speedway. On the day there would be around 30 cars separate between 4 divisions the 8 Cylinders and 6 Cylinders along with the Imperails and Vans. Even though the car count wasn't the greatest the action on the track would be. The feature wins on the day would go to Jamie St. Mary in the 6 and 8 Cylinder and with that he would take home 6,000 dollars for the day. Gallery<>/a>

hard shot

Alex Martin 73x with the hard shot the (8) during the van heat that caves in the door of the van. Gallery<>/a>

Clinton County Fair

up and away

Brandon Lamere (133)with the hard hit on the unsuspected car that almost flips it over. It was the annual return of the Demolition Derby at the Clinton County Fair. There would be over 200 cars in the all day affair ranging from the 4 Cylinders and 8 Cylinders classes along with the trucks and vans. There would be main hard hits throughout the day as the drivers were playing for keeps. Gallery

hard hit

The 63 with the hard hit on the 08 that pretty much lays down the driver in the 08 with the force of the hit. Gallery

Fun Demolition Derby
Clinton County Fair

garden tractor meeting

Three garden tractors would meet for a collision on track that would break the axle on the green and knock it out for the night. It would be the annual Fun Demolition Derby at the Clinton County Fair. This year at the fun derby they would have the Figure 8 Races, Power Wheels Derby, Garden Tractor Derby, Stock Derby and the Powder Puff Derby. It would be a great night of layed back fun as everyone would be preparing for the big show at the end of the week. Gallery

meeting a the X

The 85 and Red 2 would meet at the x of the figure 8 race and colide and send both cars off line. Gallery


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