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Essex County Fair Truck Pull

carry wheels

Mike Silver and the Corvette carries the front wheels past the full pull line for a good run on the sandy track. The Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers would return to the Essex County Fair in Westport, NY after a 6 years absense. There would be 12 classes in the all night affair as the trucks would range from stock trucks all the way up to the Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks. All would put on a great show in the front of the packed house excited for there return. Gallery

black smoke

Torrence Reed throws the black smoke to the heavens as he is on a power pass down the far side of the track in the 2.6 cheater truck class. Gallery

Essex County Fair Tractor Pull


Denis Decose and Alky Ollie return after tearing the rear end out of the tractor at the pull in Plattsburgh a month earlier. The Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers returned to the Essex County Fair for the first time sense 2011 . In the tractor pull there would be 14 classes ranging from stock tractors to the Super Farm Tractors. The would be around 70 hooks on the evening as they try to build the division back at the fair.

good run

Keenan Carter and All Stock make there best run of the season for a second place in the 13000lb Stock Tractors.

Clinton County Fair Tractor Pull

carries the front

Red Hot and Jordan Bigelow carry the front wheels most of the way down the track during the 8000lbs Altered Stock Tractors class. It would be the second day of the Adirondack Tractor Pullers event at the Clinton County Fair and it would have 20 classes of all tractors. The classes would range from the Stock Tractors, Hot Farm Tractors, Altered Stock Tractors, Super Farm Tractors, Modified Tractors and Two Wheel Drive Trucks. There would be around 100 hooks in the all day affair. The next stop for the Adirondack Truck and Tractors Pullers will be at the Franklin County Feild Days August 4th and 5th. Gallery

family honor

Pual Dana and Borderline to Heaven make its first pass in a Super Fram Tractor that he created to honor his family. Gallery

Clinton County Truck Pull

Yellow Fever

Mad Dog and Todd Jarvis would take it past the 300 foot mark for winning run in the Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks class. There would be around 175 pulls in the 12 classes that were offered. The class would range from stock truck all the way up to the Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks. It would be a great show that was put on in front of the packed house. Gallery

Dayton Roberts

Dayton Roberts and his Chevy Silverado would enter the pulling rabks in the work class and take a tenth out 21 in the class. Gallery

Franklin County Ag Soceity Truck Pull

4x4 Truck pull

Jonathan Zakarauskas and the Hulk on a power pass as he takes second during the Pro Stock 4x4 Truck class. It would be the opening pull of the Adirondack Truck and Tractor Pullers season and the first street truck pull put on by the Franklin County AG Soceity at the Franklin County Fairgrounds . There would be around 75 hooks in 12 different classes. The show would range from the Modified 4x4 Trucks down to Stock Trucks and would be a good with a couple breaks for rain but all classes would pull. Gallery

stock truck pull winner

Terry Collins and his mid 1970's Ford F100 takes it down grandstand side for the win in the 5800lb stock truck class. Gallery


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