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Robin Branham Crash for Cancer

lift off

(68) would catch the bank and that would be all she wrote as she take flight and do one complete rollover. It would be the second annual Robin Branham Crash for Cancer Enduro at Airborne Park Speedway. There would be a total of 93 cars that would take the green flag for the 150 lap race. When the dust would settle and the checker flag would fly there would be 8 cars still running on the track. There would be multiple red flags on the day to check on drivers and tend to overturned cars. Through it all Brian Pugh would keep his nose the cleanest of all avoid a few close calls and be crowned the eventual winner. Gallery

with assist

(21) would get a assist from (161) as he would go through the corner and loops it around and ends up over the bank. Gallery

Dirtcar Sportsman Series & Leon Gonyo Memorial

thread the needle

Michael Wright (78) thread the needle on the three wide going between Tyler Irwin (54) and Keith O'Neil (52). It would be the last race weekend of the season at Airborne Park Speedway and it would feature the Dirtcar Sportsman Northern Region series along with the Leon Gonyo Memorial race. It would be a great afternoon of at Airborne to bring the season to a close. The winners on the day would be Shawn Walker in the Stritcly Stock, Cam Gadue in the Mini-Modifieds, and Brent Jarvis in the Renegades. As for the big races on the day Alex LaJoie would win the Sportsman Modifed regional race and Stephen Bernier would win the 358 Modified Leon Gonyo Memorial race. Also on this day points champions would be crowned in the Renegades Brent Jarvis, Mini-Modifeds Michael Whalen and in the Strictly Stock it would go to Rolland Guay. Gallery

three wide

Michael Whalen (11), the 9x and Cam Gadue (23) take it three wide through turn 1 and 2 and came out the other side. Gallery

Champlain Peterbuilt Dirtcar Pro Stock Series presented by Great Northern Supply

three wide

Vince Quenneville (78), Billy Cook (M70) and Lonnie Rivers take it three deep through the middle of the corner fighting for position early. It would be Champlain Pterbuilt Dirtcar Pro Stock Series presented by Great Northern Supply. It would be the Dirtcar Pro Stock Series first ever visit to the Airborne half mile and they would have a 35 lap feature. The winner of the feature event would be C.D. Beauchamp after a close battle with Rob Yetman. As for the Sportsman Modified 50 lap feature there would be a lot of early cautions when the dust would settle Dany Gagne. As for the support divisions on the evening Tylor Terry (Renegades), Kris Clark (Mini-Modifed), and Shawn Walker in the Strictly Stock. The Revstar SRT and Slingshots would also be in competition on the evening with wins going to Pierre Hebert and Jim Pollard. Gallery

tight racing

Michael Wright (78) gives a tap to the back of Brent Jarvis (32) fighting for second place in the closing laps of the renegades feature. Gallery

DirtCar Championships presented by P.M. Leary Restoration

up close

Cory McCoy (69C) cuts to the bottom of Jason Bruno (66) battling for position early in the Sportsman Modified feature as we get up close. It would be Dirtcar Championship night presented by P.M. Leary Restoration as all divisions would be in attendance with points champions being crowned in the 358 and Sportsman Modified divisions along with a 2,000 win in the 358 Modified. The competition would be intense throughout the evening with a red flag for a rollover in the 358 Modified and multiple restarts needed in the Sportsman Modifed race to get the first five laps done. When the dust would settle the eventual winners would be Rolland Guay (Strictly Stock), Michael Whalen (Mini-Modified) after winner Clemente Bell was disqualified, Brent Jarvis (Renegades), Connor Cleveland (Sportsman Modified), Stephen Bernier (358 Modified). As for the points champions Connor Cleveland (Sportsman Modified), Chris Raabe (358 Modified) would win the first track championships at Airborne on dirt in 27 years. Next week the track will be back in action on Sunday September 10th as the Dirtcar series Pro Stock and Sportsman Modified tour come to town. Gallery

the battle is on

Josh LaPorte (45B) is charging hard on the bottom looking to catch eventual Mini-Modifed winner Michael Whalen (11). Gallery

Bill McBride Chevy and Subaru Salute to Our Heroes presented by Sheehan and Sons Construction
Airborne Park Speedway

banging for position

Billy Cook (M70) knocks into Connor Cleveland (09) as they battle for position in the middle of the corner. It would be Bill McBride Chevy and Subaru Salute to Heroes night at Airborne Park Speedway. There would be some great close racing throughout the night along with some banging for position. The main event of the evening would be the 358 Modifeds 30 lapper and it would be Chris Raabe would get his 6th win of the season. While on the under-card Thomas Cook would get win 1 in the Sportsman Modifeds, Renegades would be Michael Wright with win 2, Mini-Modifeds Kris Clark with win 7 and Roland Guay with win 4 on the season. Next will be Dirtcar championships with all 5 divisions in action along with a 50 lapper for the 358 Modifeds. Gallery

The chase

Brent Jarvis (32) is on the chase for Tylor Terry (44) for 2nd place in the Renegade feature. Gallery

Liquor and Wine Warehouse Make A Wish Night
Airborne Park Speedway

contact and crash

Sportsman Modified Josh Currier (42C) would hit a whole and bounce into Rico Hernandez (2) and causing damage to the rear of Rico Hernandez. It would be Week 7 of racing at Airborne Park Speedway as part of Liquior and Wine Warehouse Make A Wish night. Airborne would have there normal five division racing on the evening and there would be great racing all around on the evening. When the dust would settle Chris Raabe (career win 150) would win the 358 Modified, Sportsman Modified Jamie LaFountain, Renegade Brent Jarvis, Mini-modified Pierre Oliver and Strictly Stock Shawn Walker. Gallery

side by side

358 Modified Jake Scarbrough (24S) and Ryan Arbuthnot (R70) go side by side through turn 1 and 2 battling for position. Gallery

Super Dirt Series Presented by Northline Uilities
Northline Uilitiles 100
Airborne Park Speedway
Plattsburgh, NY

contact in the corner

Jamy Begor (19) and Connor Cleveland (08) touch as they are going through the tun but no damage is done and both continue the race. It would be the Northline Utilities 100 at the Airborne Park Speedway as part of the Super Dirt Series on the Road to Super Dirt Week. It would be the Super Dirt Series first trip to Airborne as they just converted over to dirt this and 25 Big Block Modified would show up. The eventual winner would be Larry Wight as they would take the lead around lap 30 and would not be stopped from there even a caution with three 3 laps to go could not slow him down. Rounding out the top three in the race would be Matt McLaughlin and Jimmy Phelps. As part of the the under card crowd favorite Bucko Branham would take his first win at Airborne at on dirt to a thunder-est roar from the crowd Connor Cleveland would get second to keep his point lead and Danny Gagne would round out the top three. Meanwhile in the Mini-Modified Kris Clark would get this third straight win on the season and Michael Whalen and Josh Laporte would round out the top three. Gallery

side by side

Tyler Irwin (54) and Dave Demore race for the 4th position during the mini-modified feature. Gallery

Revstar Invasion presented by Peru Federal Credit Union
Airborne Park Speedway

tight racing

Sportsman Modified Lonnie Rivers (7R), Codie Aubin (7) and Joey Scarbrough (38) battle closely for position in turn 1 at the begining of the race. It would be week 5 of the Airborne Park Speedway season the Revstar Invasion presented by Peru Federal Credit Union. There would be the Airborne 358 Modified, Sportsman Modified, Renegades along with the Revstar Speedsters. The feature events would star with the Revstar Speedsters winner would be the 74s in the 8 car feild. The next feature to hit the track would be 358 Modified for 30 laps it would be great battle up front that would see Gage Morin take the lead with 10 to go from Rabdideau to get his first win of the season. In the sportsman modified division it would be Moises Page gathering his third win of the season. In the Renegade division Brent Jarvis would stay perfect on the season gathering his fifth win of the season while crowd favorite Curtis McGiven would get third his first podium finish in many years. Gallery

side by side

Renegades Michael Wright (78) and Jimmy Bushey (11) battle for second at the beginning of the feature. Gallery


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