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July 2017 News

Clinton County Fair Demolition Derby
Plattsburgh, NY
July 23rd 2017

up we go

Randy Martin (77) puts the side shot on the 63 and rides up the side of the car as it pins it along the wall. It was the annual return of the Demolition Derby at the Clinton County Fair. There would be over 200 cars in the all day affair ranging from the 4 Cylinders and 8 Cylinders classes along with the trucks and vans. There would be main hard hits throughout the day as the drivers were playing for keeps. Gallery

Clinton County Fair Tractor Pull
Plattsburgh, NY
July 22nd 2017


The Intimidator and Tom Lashaway with a wheelstanding ending to his pull during the two wheel drive truck class. It would be the second day of the Adirondack Tractor Pullers event at the Clinton County Fair and it would have 20 classes of all tractors. The classes would range from the Stock Tractors, Hot Farm Tractors, Altered Stock Tractors, Super Farm Tractors, Modified Tractors and Two Wheel Drive Trucks. There would be around 100 hooks in the all day affair. The next stop for the Adirondack Truck and Tractors Pullers will be at the Franklin County Feild Days August 4th and 5th. Gallery

Clinton County Truck Pull
Plattsburgh, NY
July 21st 2017

modifed street

Curtis Smith and his Chevy take it down the track for a top 3 in the Modifed Street class. It would be the annual truck pull at the Clinton County Fair. There would be around 175 pulls in the 12 classes that were offered. The class would range from stock truck all the way up to the Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks. It would be a great show that was put on in front of the packed house. Gallery

Fun Demolition Derby
Clinton County Fair
Plattsburgh, NY
July 20th 2017

off the ground

The 94 and the AR15 meet and jack the back of the 94 off the ground. It would be the annual Fun Demolition Derby at the Clinton County Fair. This year at the fun derby they would have the Figure 8 Races, Power Wheels Derby, Garden Tractor Derby, Stock Derby and the Powder Puff Derby. It would be a great night of layed back fun as everyone would be preparing for the big show at the end of the week. Gallery

38th Malone International Auto Show
Malone, NY
July 16th 2017

old chevy pickup

An older 1950's style Chevy Pickup truck on display with the panel wood on the truck as well. We would take in a special event as we would take in the 38th annual Malone Auto Show at the Malone Rec Park. There would be many different cars and trucks that would on display and broken up into 31 different classes. The automobiles would range from older to the muscle car era and modern cars Gallery

Liquor and Wine Warehouse Make A Wish Night
Airborne Park Speedway
July 15th 2017

three wide racing

Jimmy Bushey (11), Scott Fitzgerald 5x, and Chris Murray (7) take it three wide into turn battling for the lead during the Renegade Heat race. It would be Week 7 of racing at Airborne Park Speedway as part of Liquior and Wine Warehouse Make A Wish night. Airborne would have there normal five division racing on the evening and there would be great racing all around on the evening. When the dust would settle Chris Raabe (career win 150) would win the 358 Modified, Sportsman Modified Jamie LaFountain, Renegade Brent Jarvis, Mini-modified Pierre Oliver and Strictly Stock Shawn Walker. Gallery

Franklin County Ag Soceity Truck Pull
Malone, NY
July 8th 2017


Tom Lashaway and the Intimidator carries the front wheels down the second half the track as he takes second place in the two wheel drive truck class. It would be the opening pull of the Adirondack Truck and Tractor Pullers season and the first street truck pull put on by the Franklin County AG Soceity at the Franklin County Fairgrounds . There would be around 75 hooks in 12 different classes. The show would range from the Modified 4x4 Trucks down to Stock Trucks and would be a good with a couple breaks for rain but all classes would pull. Gallery

Super Dirt Series Presented by Northline Uilities
Northline Uilitiles 100
Airborne Park Speedway
Plattsburgh, NY
July 6 2017

hopping the vroom

Matt McLaughlin (6H) hopes the vroom on the inside of the track as he passes Brett Hearn (20) for the 2nd position. It would be the Northline Utilities 100 at the Airborne Park Speedway as part of the Super Dirt Series on the Road to Super Dirt Week. It would be the Super Dirt Series first trip to Airborne as they just converted over to dirt this and 25 Big Block Modified would show up. The eventual winner would be Larry Wight as they would take the lead around lap 30 and would not be stopped from there even a caution with three 3 laps to go could not slow him down. Rounding out the top three in the race would be Matt McLaughlin and Jimmy Phelps. As part of the the under card crowd favorite Bucko Branham would take his first win at Airborne at on dirt to a thunder-est roar from the crowd Connor Cleveland would get second to keep his point lead and Danny Gagne would round out the top three. Meanwhile in the Mini-Modified Kris Clark would get this third straight win on the season and Michael Whalen and Josh Laporte would round out the top three. Gallery


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