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Team Blue Vs Team White

spin and gone

Team Blue's Tyler Basai with the spin at midfield and gone. It would be week three of the Youth Indoor Flag Football season and feature Blue Vs White. Team White would get the only score of the first half to make it 6-0. While Team Blue would get the lone score of the second half to make it 6-6. That is where the game would end as Team Blue goes to 0-2-1 while team white is 1-1-1 on the season. Gallery


Team White's J. Belrose with the catch and run for the first down. Gallery

Team Blue Vs Team Red

low catch

Team Blue Alex Palmer with the low catch for the positive gain. It would be the opening weekend of the Indoor Youth Flag Football League and would feature Team Blue Vs Team Red. It would be a game that Team Red would have in control from the beginning as they would have a 21-8 lead at the half. When the teams came back for the second half Team Blue would try and come back and win the half 13-12. Although team red would hold on for the 33-21 victory. In the winning effort Team Red would go to 1-0 while Team Blue goes to 0-1. Gallery

Over the middle

Team Red reciever with the catch over the middle for the first down. Gallery


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