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2015 Football Photos

Section VII Class B Championship
#1 Peru Indians Vs #2 Beekmantown Eagles

stand up tackle

Beekmantown's Alex Archer (3) and Jacob LaFountain stand up the Peru running back for the stop. It would be arch rivals the Peru Indians and the Beekmantown meeting up for yet another Section VII Class C Championship. There would be no scoring until Beekmantown's Alex Archer (3) would get a 8 yard touchdown at 3:19 of the second to make it 7-0 eagles. The Eagles would extend there lead to 14-0 when Alex Archer would score another rushing touchdown. Then in the final minute of the half the Eagles would break the game open a 50 yard run by Tyler Myers (2) to make it 21-0 at the break. Then in the first two minutes of the second half the Eagles would extend the lead to 27-0 on pick 6. Then in the closing minutes of the third quarter the Indians would get on the broad with a Dakpta Arquette run to make it 27-7 after three. Then in the opening minute of the fourth the Eagles would extend the lead to 34-7 on another running score. The Indians though would come right back down and score on another Dakota Arquette running touchdown. Although the Eagles would answer back with Tyler Myers second 50 yard rushing touchdown to make it 40-13. Then to put the icing on the cake the Eagles would get one more score to secure the 47-13 victory. With the win the Beekmantown Eagles advance to the New York State Playoffs and will face the Malone Huskies in the first round. Gallery

fighting til the end

Beekmantown's Tyler Myers (2) fighting for the extra yards along the sidelines as the defender goes low for the tackle. Gallery

Section VII Class C Championship:
#1 Saranac Lake Red Storm Vs #2 Au Sable Valley Patriots

stand up tackle

AU Sable Valley's Brandon Snow (12) with the shoulder tackle and wrap up to bring down Saranac Lake's Drew Sturgeon (12). It would be the Saranac Lake Red Storm and the Au Sable Valley Patriots for the Section VII Class Championships. The Red Storm would get the early lead in the first quarter at 7-0. Then in the second quarter they would extend the lead to 13-0. Although when the teams would come back the Patriots would make there present know as they would score in the third to make it 13-7. Then midway through the fourth quarter they would tie the game up at 13. Then with under two minutes remaining the Patriots would score the eventual game winning touchdown to secure the 20-13 victory. With the Patriots move on the New York State Playoffs where they will get the Gouvenour Wildcats in the first round. Gallery

fighting for extra

Au Sable Valley's Mark Whitney (44) extends out for the goal line as he is tackled low. Gallery

Saranac Chiefs Vs Ticonderoga Sentinels

breaking tackles

Saranac's (22) breaks tackles in the backfield as he battles to get back the line of scrimmage. It would be the opening week of the Champlain Valley Athletic Conference and it would feature the Saranac Chiefs and Ticonderoga Sentinels. It would be a game that the Sentinels would be in control from start to finish. The Sentinels would have the 42-0 lead at the half. In the second half the Sentinels would cruise and win the half 19-6 as the Chiefs would get a late score to avoid the shutout as the Sentinels would get the 61-6 victory. In the losing effort the Chiefs start the season 0-1 while the Sentinels are 1-0. Gallery

sideline catch

Saranac's Logan Matthews (10) with the catch along the sidelines for the first down. Gallery

Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Woodstock Wasps

breaking tackles

Plattsburgh's Ryan Monahan (34) runs up the middle and breaks through the tacklers. It would be week 6 of section 7 football and the Plattsburgh Hornets would host the Woodstock Wasps in non league action. The game would not start off the greatest as the Hornets would be down 24-6 at the half and lose there starting quarterback on a questionable targeting call. In the second half the Hornets offense would come to life and the defense would step up there game and win the half 24-14. Although it wouldn't be enough as the Woodstock Wasps would get the 38-30 victory. In the losing effort getting the scores on the night would John Carroll (1) Sean Ahern (2) and Brady Pennington (3) as the Hornets fall to 1-6 as the head in the last game of the season against Ticonderoga. Gallery


Plattsburgh's Tristan Turner (85) makes the catch along the sidelines and gets taken high and low by two defenders fighting for the first down. Gallery

Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Ausable Valley Patriots

breaking tackle

Plattsburgh's (21) comes around the edge after catching the screen pass dragging a defender. It would be week four the Champlain Valley Athletic Conference football season and this week we would feature the Plattsburgh Hornets and the Ausable Valley Patriots in action. The Patriots would take the 7-0 lead midway through the first quarter on the short run. The game would stay there all the way til the fourth quarter when the Patriots would extend the lead to 13-0 on the touchdown pass to (14). Then with 5 minutes left in the game the Hornets would get on the board with the touchdown pass to (84) to cut the deficit in half at 13-7. With the win the Patriots go to 2-2 as they head into the off week. As for the Hornets they will fall to 0-4 on the season and will be headed to Peru next week to take on the Indians. Gallery


Plattsburgh's (84) falls backwards into the endzone as he makes the touchdown catch in traffic. Gallery

Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Beekmantown Eagles

jersey tackle

Plattsburgh's Jason Moore (4) grabs the jersey of the Beekmantown running back and drags him to the ground for the tackle. It would be week 3 of the CVAC football season and the match up would feature a pair of winless teams as the Plattsburgh Hornets and Beekmantown Eagles would enter at 0-2. The Eagles would take the 6-0 lead on a short run for the score. Then in the second quarter they would pull away as they would score twice including a two point conversation to take a 21-0 lead into the break. When the teams returned for the second half the Hornets would make some adjustments as the two teams would play even ball. The Hornets would get on the board midway through the fourth on Quaran run to make it 21-6. The hornets would have some other chances but were unable to capitalize on them and the Eagles would hold on for the 21-6 victory. With the win the Eagles go to 1-2 while the Hornets fall to 0-3 on the season. Gallery

breaking through

Plattsburgh's Quran (33) looking for some daylight as he surrounded by Beekmantown defenders along the sidelines. Gallery

Plattsburgh North Stars Vs Sussex Stags

hard hit

Plattsburgh's Elisa Parks (35) takes a hard hit as he comes around the edge on the toss play It would be a defensive battle throughout the night. The Stars would take the early 2-0 lead on a safety as the Stags fumbled the ball out of the endzone. Then the Stags would answer back later in the quarter with a running score to take a 6-2 lead. The game would remain there til the 3rd quarter when the North Stars would add a feild goal to make it 6-5. The Stars would be driving late in the game and were going in when a fumble occurred on the 13 yard line with the Stags would kneel out the clock and get the 6-5 win. With the lose the North Stars fall to 3-5 while the Stags go to 5-3 on the season. Gallery

on the run

Plattsburgh's Henry Sanchez (15) dvrambles for the first down as he could not find reciever open down field. Gallery

Plattsburgh North Stars Vs Glens Falls Greenjackets

break up

Plattsburgh's Tevin Conners (3) with the pass breakup on the outlet pass to sidelines. It would be week four of the Empire Football League season and it would be the battle for the Mayors Cup as the Plattsburgh North Stars would host the Glens Falls Greenjackets. The Northstars would get on the board quick and take 7-0 lead on the third play of the game on the Rascoe to Bouyea connection and the game would stay there til 2 minutes into the second quarter and make it 14-0. Then about halfway through the second quarter the Jackets would get on the board with a deep touchdown pass to make it 14-7. Then just before the half the greenjackets would make a short field goal to make it 14-10. In the second half the lone score of the half would come on Elisa Parks 1 yard run in the fourth quarter to secure the 20-10 victory as the Northstars go to 3-1 on the season. Gallery

catch along the sidelines

Plattsburgh's Trie Bucci (1) with the over the shoulder catch along the sidelines for the first down. Gallery

Plattsburgh North Stars Vs Watertown Red Black

lowering the book

It would be week 2 of the Empire Football League and it would pit a rematch of last years championship as the Plattsburgh North Stars would host the Watertown Red Black. The game would start go the North Stars as Harry Rascoe would connect with Tory Bouyea for a 62 yard score to make it 7-0. Then with four minutes remaining in the quarter Watertown's Curtis Dukes would get the running score to tie the game at seven. The North Stars would regain the lead with just three minutes left in the half when Tre Bucci would make a juggling catch in the endzone for the 14-7 lead at the break. Then seven minutes into the second half the Stars would score again with Troy Bouyea to make it a 20-7 game. From there on out the defense would shut the Red Black down and the North Stars would hold on for the 20-7 victory. In the winning effort the Plattsburgh North Stars would go to 1-1 on the season as the Red Black fall to 1-1 on the season. Gallery

shoulder to shoulder

Plattsburgh Troy Bouyea (12) drops the shoulder on the Watertown defensive back back breaks through for the score. Gallery


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