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Monster Truck Mania

Cloud of Smoke

Burnout Contest blue checy monte carlo would win the Burnout Contest as he would light up the tires and put a smoke screen down the front stretch. It would be the 2015 Monster Truck Mania edition with the Black Stallion, Weapon 1, Higher Education, and Overkill Evolution. As part of the show would be Burnout Contest, Reserve Races, Specator Racers and Flagpole races. There would be a good crowd on story that would be entertained with a two hour show. The crowd would be most pleased with the Burnout Contest although the Main Event of evening would be the blown Monster Trucks. Gallery

takes the tire home

During the flagpole race one of the contests decided the race would be over early as he would take the tire with him and head to the pits. Gallery


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