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Yando's Big M Supermarket Double Feature

three. wide

Mini-Modifieds Mike Bresette (14b), Dale O'Neil (16), and Tim LaFountain (41) come off of turn 4 three wide during there heat race and don't touch. It would be another week of racing at Airborne Park Speedway as the Modifieds would have twin features as part of the Yando's Big M Supermarket night. With all the crazyness that went on the week before the drivers would be a little tamer this time around. Although there would still be some great battles and close racing throughout the evening. The big winners on the evening would be Dale O'Neil Mini-Modifieds, Richie Turner Renegades, and in the Modifieds it would be Bucko Branham and Codie Aubin. Gallery

side by side

Renegades' Dylan Rabtoy (22) and Tylor Terry (08) comes side by side through turn 1 and 2 as they battle for the early lead in the feature. Gallery

Ernie's Discount Tools Reegades 100
Airborne Park Speedway

side by side

Modifieds Greg Atkins (1) and Jamey Begor (19) are tight and side by side through turn one. It would be week nine of racing at Airborne Park Speedway and it would be Ernie's Discount Tools night featuring the Renegade 100. There would be lots of good battles throughout the evening starting in the heat races right up until the feature. The big winners on the night would be Kris Clark in the Mini-Modifieds, Jason Drugan in the Modifieds and then in the main event of the evening it would be Josh Terry taking the Renegade 100. Gallery

battle for the lead

Renegades Robert Gordon (H20) and Tylor Terry (08) battle side by side through turn 3 and 4 for the lead in the second half of the Renegade 100. Gallery

Airborne Park Speedway Hometown Heroes Night

tight racing

Renegades: Zach Daniels (30) looks to make it two for one in turn 1 and 2 as he goes underneath Dylan Rabtoyu (22) and Josh Terry (43) in his charge to the front. It would be hometown heroes night at Airborne Park Speedway along with double points for all divisions. With there being double points on the line you could tell the drivers were putting some extra effort out there to make that championship push. When it was all said and done Kris Clark would win the Mini Modifieds as Dale O'Neil was unable to pass post race tech. In the renegades the winner would be Robert Gordon. Then in the main event the Modifieds winner would be a popular one with the crowd as Danny Sullivan would get his first career modified feature victory. Gallery

fender rubbing

Mini-Modifieds: Tyler Irwin (54) tabs the back bumper of Chris LaVair (4) and loosens him and almost sends him around. Gallery

ACT International 500

bump and run

ACT raccers Patrick Laperele (91) attempts the bump and run on Brandon Atkins (4) and gets himself crossed up and heads up the racetrack battle for third. It would be the third edition of the International 500 and this year it would feature the American Canadian Tour and Pro All Star Series in 200 lap races along with the Revstar Slingshots. There would be 44 cars between the two series with some drivers racing in both. The winner for the farthest haul would go to Tate Folgeman who came from North Carolina for the PASS race. There would be some good competition throughout the dayt with tight racing at the top all day long. The drivers were up on the wheel with the big 10,000 to win on the line. When it was all side and done Joey Doiron would win the PASS event. The in the ACT event Nick Sweet would start on the pole and come around for the eventual win to claim the 10,000. Gallery

door slammer

ACT racers Ray Parents (17) slams the door of Jeff White (50) and Jeff Whire's car start to see some airtime. Gallery

Battle of Plattsburgh

bump and run

Modifieds Bucko Branham (20) gives the old bump and run to Danny Sullivan (3) headed into turn 1 with two laps to go and gets the win. It would be week 6 of racing at Airborne Park Speedway and it would be double features for the Mini-Modifieds, Renegades and twin 50's for the Modifieds. There would be some intense racing throughout the evening including a photo finish and lots of three wide racing but for the most part it would be all clean racing. The feature winners on the evening would be CJ LaVair and Kris Clark in the Mini-Modifieds, in the Renegades it would be Tylor Terry and Brent Jarvis. As for the main event the Modifieds it would be Bucko Branham getting the first one with the bump run with 2 laps to go on Danny Sullivan and Vincent Queenville would get the second feature. The racers are off for a couple weeks as the ACT series comes in for a stand alone show. Gallery

tangled up

Renegades Josh Terry (43) and Keith O'Neil (54) get tangled and hooked together down the front stretch as Keith O'Neil came down. Gallery

Riley Ford Night presented by Whelen

low line

Modifieds Jason Durgan (17) tries the extreme low line in turb one to make it three wide on Jamey Begor (19) and Greg Atkins (1NY). It would be week 5 of racing at Airborne and it would be Riley Ford Night presented by Whelen with a Modified Double Feature. There would be a threat of rain over the track the whole evening but it would stay dry all night. The action on the track would be fast and hard charging throughout the night with a couple crashes on tap. When the smoke would settle the feature winners on the evening would be Kris Clark in the Mini-Modifieds, Richie Turner in the Renegades and Jamie LaFountain and Mike Wells in the Modifieds as they would be the seventh different winner in the division this season. Gallery


Mini-Modifieds Tyler Irwin (54) starts to dirt track the car on asphalt as he goes under Rob Foley (66) for position. Gallery

Peru Federal Credit Union/Econo Lodge Double Feature Night

close racing

Modified Jamie LaFountain (20x) cuts the bottom in middle of the turn and passes Greg Atkins (1NY) in the fender to fender battle. It would be week four of racing at Airborne Park Speedway as part of Peru Federal Credit Union/Econo Lodge Double feature night as all divisions would have two features. It would be some of intense racing on the night as teams were fighting for the extra points and money. With that being said there would be a couple of wrecks and some damaged cars on the night. As for the winners on the night in the Modifieds it would be Jayson Criss and Bucko Branham, Renegades would be Zack Daniels and Josh Terry and in the Mini-Modifieds it would be Chris LaVair and Tyler Irwin. Gallery

bumper to bumpert

Mini-Modifieds Pete Blaney (22b) lays the bumper to Tim LaFountain (41) down the front stretch to let him know he there and coming for the spot. Gallery

Plattsburgh Ford/Aaron's Night Renegade 100

wheel to wheel racing

Modifieds Jason Criss (30) and Brian McGinley (35) take wheel to wheel into turn one with no contact and make it out the other end. It would be the third weekend of racing at Airborne and the first in a month because of rain outs. One this night we would have the Plattsburgh Ford/Aaron Night Renegade 100 along with the Modifieds, Late Models and Mini Modifieds. It would be some good racing through out the evening with a lot of fender banging and some crashes. As far as the features would go Chris Lavair would win the Mini Modifieds. Then next on tap would be the Late Models and Bobby Therein and Josh Masterson would fight it out for most of the race with Bobby Therein getting the slight win. Then next up would be the Modifieds in a race would be hard to get started with many early race caution once things got settled down Jamie LaFountain would earn his first career victory. Then it would be time for the main event of the evening the Renegade 100 there would be nineteen cars that would take the green flag but when the checkered flag flew there would only be eleven cars left through the carnage the eventual winner would be Jason McClatchie to get career win number one. Gallery

three wide

Mini-Modifieds Chris LaVair (4) Kris Clark (77) and Harold LaVair (9) race hard into turn one three wide as they battle for the early lead. Gallery

Airborne Park Speedway Bill McBride ACT Spring 115 Presented by Interstate Batteries

tangled up

Mini-Modifieds Steven Hemingway (18ny) and Tyler Irwin (54) would get tangled up during the feature coming off of turn four. It would be week two of racing at Airborne Park Speedway with the Mini-Modifieds, Renegades, Modifieds and the fewature event the ACT Bill McBride Spring Green 115 presented by Interestate Batteries. The race event was originally scheduled for the night before but was moved back cause of bad weather. The dricers would come out to play and play hard on Sunday as the only walk away winner would be Dale O'Neill in the Mini-Modifieds. The in the second feature of the day it would be Leon Gonyo taking the checkered flag as he was chased hard by Nick Heywood through out the race. The next up would be the Renegades features and that would feature a couple of late race restarts and would see Josh Terry hold on against Shawn Duquette at the finish line for a photo finish victory. Then it would be time for the main event of the afternoon the ACT Spring Green 115 and it would be a two man race between Joey Polewarczyk and Patrick Laperle and the progressive banking would allow them to go side by side for many laps with the eventual win going to Joey Polewarczyk. The drivers of airborne are off until May 30th when the Mini-Modifieds, Renegades and Modifieds (Double Feature) will take to the take with the Endro Series. Gallery

the bump

Renegades Richie Turner (17) would put the old bump on Steve Duquette (18) as they enter turn one letting him know he was there. Gallery

Airborne Speeedway Season Opener FedEx Ground 100

to bottom for the lead

Bobby Therein (5) cuts to the bottom on Josh Masterson (11) through turn one and two takes the lead off of turn two. It would be the season opener at Airborne Park Speedway with the Late Models, Renegades, Mini-Modified, with the feature event being the Modified 100 lapper. There would a total of 64 cars that would show up throughout the four divisions in front of a packed house. The first feature of the night would be the mini-mods and Tyler Irwin would get the win and score his first career victory as he would pass Dave O'Neill with 5 laps to go. The second feature of the night would be the Late Models 25 lapper at the front it would be Bobby Therein and Josh Masterson battling for the top spots the first half but Bobby Therein would prevail and capture the win. Then on tap would be the Renegades 30 lapper would be Richie Turner who would lead the race from wire to wite. Then it would be time for the main event of the evening the Modified FedEx 100 Nick Heywood would start on the pole and get the win. Although it would not be without a hot battle from Bucko Branham would be on the bumper the whole time until a late caution came out and Branham ran out of feul under the caution closing out the top three would be Greg Atkins and Jason Drugan. Airborne Speedway will not be in action until May 16th when they have there regular show plus the ACT Spring Green 115. Gallery

for the win

Tyler Irwin (54) would dive bomb the corner headed into turn one and out brake Dave O'Neill and take the lead and go on for his first career victory. Gallery


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