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2014 Harness Racing Photos

Franklin County Fair 3


Irving Muaran and Harold Smith would battle it out at the front of the pack for the lead I.t would be the third and final day of racing at the Franklin County Fair and there would be another 10 races on the day with all races being dash races. Harold Smith would take a ouple wins on the day to secure the jockey honors. Gallery

Andy Gardner and Garrett McQueen would lead the pack down the front stretch. Gallery

Franklin County Fair Day 2

2nd place

Heath Allen (1) would take it at the finish line by nose over Shawn Warner (5) for second place. It would be the second day of Harness Racing at the Franklin County Fair. There would be ten races on the day paying out a total of 25,000 dollars throughout the day. The big winner on the day would be Harold Smith. Gallery


There would be pack of racers joceking for the position as they reach the halfway mark of the race. at the Gallery


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