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Huntingdon Fair

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The Red cab over V12 Detroit would put on a show with a 400 foot pull. The Quebec Tractor Pullers would make there return to the Huntingdon Fair. They would have six classes on the night with the Semi Trucks, Modified 4x4 Trucks Super Stock Tractors, Two Wheel Drive Trucks, Mini Modifieds and Modified Tractors. With there whole show there would be around 60 hooks and the guys were getting great traction on super tacky track and everyone is looking foward to the pull again next season. Gallery

smoke and win

The Canadian Thunder would could carry the front wheels and smoke on again but still get the win in the Modified Tractor class. Gallery

Huntingdon Fair(ATPA)

wheel standing

David Babbie and his ford 7610 carries the front wheels down the track during the 6500 Stock Tractors class for a second place finish. The Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers would bring there show north of the boarder for the second straight year to the fair in Huntingdon, Quebec. There would be 13 classes on the day in the Street Legal Trucks, Stock Tractors, Altered Stock Tractors and Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks divisions. There would be lots of very good pulls on the sticky clay track. On the other hand there would be some breakage on the night as street trucks would tear driveshafts all day long. Gallery

Yan Eric Petit puts on a show for the crowd and takes it over 300 feet to win the 8500 Stock Trucks division. Gallery

Franklin County Fair

carrying wheels

Edwin Davis and his two wheel drive Chevy carry the front wheel down the track for a third place. The Adirondack Truck and Tractor Pullers would make there annual return to the Franklin County Fair in Malone for there all day and night show. There would be a total of 25 classes on the day from Stock Trucks and Tractors all way to the Super Farm Tractors and Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks. It would be another packed house throughout the evening. There would be some speculator wheel standings and lots of smoke and some carrange throughout the pull. Gallery

smoke show

Rich Abare and his 2.6 Cheater Truck send the rich black diesel thick and high and the crowd would love it and he would take a second. Gallery

Clinton County Fair Truck & Tractor Pull

The Hulk

The Hulk and Jonathan Zakarauskas takes it done to about 325 both passes for a clean sweep on the Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks. The Adirondack Truck and Tractor Pullers would make there annually stop at the Clinton County Fair for there truck and tractor pull. There would end up being just over 100 hooks in 20 different classes in front a good crowd. The crowd would get treated to a good show with tractors from New York, Vermont and Quebec having some wild rides and some breakage which always gets the crowd invovled. The next stop for the Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers will be the Franklin County Field Days in Highgate, Vermont on August 1 and 2. Gallery

Redneck Crazy

Brain Haggett and the Redneck Crazy would have a great run going until it got to the end when she decided to mark her territory with a brown liquid. Gallery

Clinton County Fair Street Truck Pull

Richard Abare

Richard Abare and his 2009 Chevy Sliverado would go over 375 feet in the Work Truck class but that would only be good enough for second. The Adirondack Truck & Tracror Pullers would make there annual return to the Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh, NY. There would be around 90 competitors on the night that were divided up between eight different classes ranging from Stock Trucks to Cheater Trucks. They would put on a great show in front of a packed house. The winners on the night would be Walter Cheney, Curtis Smith, Eric Labombard, and Dale Labombard in the stock class. Then in the work stock classes it would be Trent Abare sweeping both. Then to finish it off it would be Evan Brannon sweeping the Cheater Trucks. Gallery

Ryan Esposito

Ryan Esposito would have a great going in the Cheater Truck class and take a third place with a run of 335 feet. Although it wouldn't end well as he would snap the drive shaft. Gallery


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