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Franklin County Fair Day 3

along the wall

Ryan Helm (15x) buries the 143 along the wall and lifts the backend up when he finds the wall. It would be a new wrinkle at the Franklin County Fair as they would have truck demolition derby, rollover contest, and figure 8 races. It would be another packed house to see all the racing and smashing. There would be around 30 trucks, 6 rollover cars and 8 figure 8 cars. The big winners on the day would be Jamie St. Mary in the Figure 8 Races, Jacob St. Mary in the rollover contest. The crowd would be very pleased with the show and are looking foward to its return next year. Gallery

tight quarters

The 15 would give Jamie St. Mary (45) some help getting around the corner during the second heat of the figure eight races. Gallery

Fanklin County Fair Night 2

we have company

Ben St Ann (59) comes to rest on the hood of the 75 when they tried to go back to front. It would be the second night of demolition derby action at the Franklin County Fair in Malone a part of the Total Destruction Promotion Series. There would be four heats of compact cars one heat of Powder Puff and Full Size cars there would be around 75 cars on the night. There would be alot of hard hitting with extra room that was out on the track and two cars would end up on there roofs throughout the night. The big winners on the night would be Jamie St. Mary in the full size class and Travis Charleson in the Compact class and both would take home a 1,000 dollars for the win. As for the Powder Puff class that would go to Brenda Christian. Gallery

front collapse

Kryn Moore(15) would have the front end of her collpase after taking a hard shot from the 54. Gallery

Franklin County Fair Night 1

folded car up

The 77 car would line up the 17N car from nearly half the track away and put a hard hit maybe the hardest night and fold up the 17N. It would be the first night of demolition derby action at the Franklin County Fair in Malone, NY. It would be a compact derby show tonight with 5 of the 6 heats of action being the compact cars with a total of 70 cars. There would be plenty of hard hitting with the extra space that would be available on the track. When it is was all side and done on the night the two big winners would be Austin Martin in 8 Cylinder and Tom Pickering in the 4 Cylinder classes with both of them taking home a nice 1,000 pay day. Gallery


SetH Young (30) would put the hard hit on the backend of the Scott Cook (54J) during the 8 Cylinder feature. Seth Young would end up finishing second on the night. Gallery

Clinton County Fair

front to front

The 70 car would line up from half track way and lay the metal on the 57 car. The annual demolition derby would return to the Clinton County Fair. There would be around 110 cars spread out over nine heats along with truck heat. The sold out crowd would be treated to good show throughout the day the day that would bring many cheers. There was deffenately some great competition and hard hitting. The winner on the day would come from outside the County in St. Lawrence county to win the main event. Gallery

back to back

The 57A would back into the front of the 48 and fold the front end right and the hood right to the dashboard. Gallery

Airborne Park Speedway

come together

In the endro race the #4 car and the Jeff Murray (35) would met coming off turn 2 and sending both to the infield. The derby would only have one heat of cars with elevlen but what they lacked in numbers they made up for with the action on the track with hard hitting action. The eventual winner on the night would be Keri Besaw in the 49q. Gallery

front to back

Brandon Lamere (133) would put the hard hit on the back of the van and cause major damage. Gallery


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Westport, NY