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Adirondack J's Vs Clinton Gladiators

diving for flags

Adirondack J's DJ Barber (18) with the dive for the flags on the Gladiators quarterback. In week four of the indoor flag football season the 2-0 Adirondack J's would play the 2-1 Clinton Gladiators. In the first half the Gladiators would dominate by scoring three touchdowns for the 21-7 lead. When the teams back for the second the Adirondack J's would settle down and come together to shutdown the Gladiators and out score them 29-14 and get the last minute 36-35 win. With the win the Adirondack J's stay undefeated at 3-0 while the Clinton Gladiators fall to 2-2. Gallery

turns and burns

Adirondack J's Austin Velie (3) spins and burns Gladiators defender Taylor Chapple and heads up the sidelines. Gallery

DB Xtreme Vs Pink Panthers

leaping catch

DB Xtreme's Golden with the leaping open field catch and turns it up for the first down. In week four of the indoor flag football season would season a battle of undefeated Pink Panthers and DB Xtreme. The offenses would take the stage throughout the game and trade shots throughout the first half and the Panthers would have a 34-20 lead at the break. When the teams came back for the second half it would be more of the same as the Panthers would outscore them 40-26 in the half for the 74-46 win. With the win the Pink Panthers stay undefated at 3-0 while the DB Xtreme fall to 2-1-1 on the season. Gallery


Panthers Trevor St. Clair's stretches out for the catch and touchdown while in traffic. Gallery

Rand Hill Painters Vs Plain White T's

jump ball

Painter's offensive players and T's defensive players would battle in the endzone for the jump ball. In week four of the indoor flag football league the 2-1 Rand Hill Painters would play the 0-3 Plain White T's. The Rand Hill Painters would jump out to the quick 20-0 lead 12 minutes in before the Plain White T's would get two scores to stay in the game at 20-12. Then to end the half the Painters would score twice more to have a 31-12 lead at the break. In the second half the Painters would get three unanswered scores to secure the 53-18 win. With the win the Rand Hill Painters go to 3-1 while the Plain White T's fall to 0-4. Gallery


Painter's Scott Aguila would secure the catch in the endzone for the 2 point conversion. Gallery

West Plattsburgh Wolfpack Vs Plattsvegas Packers

stiff arm

Packers wide reciever gives out the stiff arm on the defender and heads up the sidelines for the first down. It would be week four of the Indoor Flag Football season in the battle of winless teams West Plattsburgh Wolfpack playing the Plattsvegas Packers. The Packers would dominate the first half and have a 34-14 lead at the break. When the teams returned for the second half the scoring would slow down and the Packers would score to the 52-22 victory. With the Packers go to 1-3 while the Wolpack drops to 0-4. Gallery

juke defender

Wolfpack's Boyd (88) with the juke on the defender and gets by for the extra yards. Gallery

DBXtreme Vs Plattsvegas Packers

head catch

DBXtreme's Andrew Price with the catch along the sidelines thanks to assistance from his to secure the catch. In the last game of the night DBXtreme would face Plattsvegas Packers to finish off week one. DBXtreme's Jordan Gillespie would get the games first score to make it 7-0 three minutes in. DBXtreme would extend the lead to 14-0 at the ten minute mark. Plattsvegad would get on the broad at 12 minute mark to make it 14-6. Then in the last minute of the half Plattsvegas would score again to make it 14-12 at intermission. When the teams came back for the second half DBXtreme would strike first at the four minute mark to make it 20-12 on Andrew Price's score. Then at the eight minute mark DBXtreme and Andrew Price would strike again to make it 26-12. At the thirteen mminute mark Plattsvegas would make it a one score game at 26-18. Then with three minutes left DBXtreme would put the game out of reach with the touchdown to make it 32-18. Plattsvegas would not give up though as they would score as time expired to make it a 32-24 final. With the win DBXtreme would go to 1-0 while Plattsvegas is 0-1 on the season. Gallery


DBXtreme's Jasmie Barnard with the catch in the end zone for the touchdown. Gallery

CJ Tunes & DJ Photography Vs Rand Hill Painters

falling catch

CJ's receiver makes the catch as he is falling to the ground. CJ Tunes & DJ Photography would meet Rand Hill Painters to start off the indoor flag football season. The game would remain scoreless til the 10th minute when CJ's would get on the broad to take the 6-0 lead. The score would remain there til two minutes into the second half when CJ's Barber would score to make it 14-0. Rand Hill Painters would get on the broad at the five minute mark to make it 14-7. Then at 15th minute mark Jystin Frennier would score for CJ's to make it 20-7. Then in the last minute they would put the game away with one more score to make it a 26-7 final. With the win CJ Tunes & DJ Photography go to 1-0 and Rand Hill Painters fall to 0-1 on the season. Gallery

off the turf

CJ Tunes receiver pins the ball with his arm along his shoulder for the catch to keep it off the turf. Gallery

West Plattsburgh Wolfpack Vs Clinton Gladiators

over the top

Gladitors' recievers reaches over Wolfpacks Sanchez(15) and catches the ball for the touchdown. The West Plattsburgh Wolfpack and the Clinton Gladiators would meet in the opener and look to get there season started off right. Well for one they would succeed on that mission the other would need to go back to the drawing broad. Clinton Gladiators would score three minutes in on a pick 6 and take the 6-0 lead. Then five minutes leader the Wolfpack would tie the game up at six. Then before the half ended the Gladiators would score twice more and take a 22-6 lead at intermission. Then when the teams came back the Gladiators would score four more unanswered touchdowns and cruise to the 48-6 win. With the win the Gladiators go to 1-0 while the Wolfpack goes to 0-1. Gallery

finger tip deflection

Wolfpacks' defender gets a finger tip on the ball to knock it away and save the touchdown. Gallery

Adirondack J's Vs Plain White T's

leaping interception

Adirondack J's Craig Livsey (4) with the leaping interception and takes it back for the score on one of two pick 6's and five interceptions on the day. The Adirondack J's and Plain White T's would meet to start the Indoor Flag Football season. The Plain White T's would get the early 7-0 lead. Adirondack J's would answer back though on a Austin Velie touchdown to make it 7-6 at the intermission. When the teams came back Adirondack J's Craig Livsey would strike quick with the interception touchdown to make it 12-7 Adirondack J's. Then just three minutes leader Plain White T's would take the lead back on the touchdown at 13-12. Then at the 10 minute mark Craig Livsey would strike again for his second pick 6 to give Adirobdack J's the 20-12 lead and the score would hold up for the win. With the win Adirondack J's start the season 1-0 while Plain White T's are 0-1. Gallery

tippy toe

Adirondack J's Austin Velie (3) plays chicken with the out of bounds line for the touchdown. Gallery


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