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Vermont State Fair (NYTPA)

carry wheels

Blindside and Roddy Burns carries the front wheels just off the track to 315' for a second place in the Super Farm Tractors. The New York State Tractor Pullers would return to the Vermont State Fair for there annual labor day hook. They would have 42 hooks spread over the Super Farm Tractors, Two Wheel Drive Trucks, Modified Tractors and Super Stock Tractors. The event would go one over the threat of rain throughout the day and the overcast sky would make for great horsepower and put on a great show for the fans. The winners on the day would be Just Money in Super Farm, Wolfman (Two Wheel Drive Trucks) Rotten Mean and Nasty (Modified Tractors) and Forced Decision (Super Stock Tractors). Gallery

run of the day

Forced Decision and Henry Everman would have the run of the day as he would take it over 380 feet plus for the win in the Super Stock Tractors. Gallery

Champlain Valley Expo

Winning Hook

Bill Dean and Ol Blue with a straight run down the track sending the skyward to a winning distance of 310.2. he Vermont Tractor Pullers and New York Tractor Pullers would put on a combined show that Champlain Valley Fair. There would be around 40 hooks on the night divided into five classes (VT Mini Rods A & B, Econo 2wd Trucks, Super Farm Tractors and 2.6 Cheater Trucks. There would be a decent crowd on hand and would be entertained to make the with all the smoke and noise and even some breakage. Everyone is looking forward to having them back again next year. Gallery

carry wheels

Mike Lucier and the Gray Chevy gets some airtime during the VT Mini Mod B class in front of the local crowd. Gallery

Huntingdon Truck/Tractor Pull (ASTTQ)

to the trailer

Mario Racicot and his 2009 Frightlighter make the sled look like childs play as he looks to take out the trailers at the other of the track. The ASTTQ the premier truck and tractor pulling series in Canada would make there annual stop at the Huntingdon Fair. There would be a packed crowd to watch the best pullers across Canada in action. The would bring in the Super Semis, Mini Mods, Modified Trucks, Two Wheel Drive Trucks and the Modified Tractors. They would bring in around 50 pullers to show there talents and there would be some that would break expensive parts on the very tacky track. The ASTTQ will be sure to come back next year. Gallery

carries wheels

Leon Rabideau & Renegade Warrior carries the wheels down the track to around 280 feet for a top three finish in the Mini Modified class. Gallery

Huntingdon Fair (ATPA)

broke driveshaft

John Darragh in his GMC Seirra snap the the back driveshift just over a 100 feet into the run. The Huntingdon Fair would have the Adirondack Truck/Traactor Pullers back for the first time in four years. They would put on a great show for the local pullers from Street Trucks, Stock Tractors, Altered Stock Tractors and 4x4 Tractors. The Adirondack sled would start pulling in the earlier afternoon and pull til late night. The would pull just over a 110 hooks on the day to a roaring crowd. The Adirondack Truck/Tractor Pullers are looking forward to making a return trip next year. Gallery

Henru Boonerberg and his Ford 7000 carries the wheels down the track to a pull of 219 feet for 3rd in the 6500 Stock Tractors class. Gallery

Franklin County Fair Street Legal Trucks

slow ride

George Lester and his Farmall on a slow ride in the 7,500lb Antquie Tractor class and finishes second. The Franklin County Fair would try something new this year and have there street truck and antquie tractor pull on a seperate night and they would get around 100 enteries in fifteen classes. There would be a good crowd in attendance for a first time event and does show promise for next year. Gallery


Barb Geurin and her Toyota Tundra walk it out the door for the win in the 5,500lb Stock Trucks class.Gallery

Franklin County Fair Truck/Tractor Pull

carries wheels

Jason Curtis and the Curtis Brothers Pulling carries the front wheels down the track and takes it out the in 13,000lb Hot Farm Tractors class. The Adirondack Truck/Tractor Pullers make there annual stop at the Franklin County Fair in Malone, NY for the truck and tractor pull. There would be around 120 hooks divided up into 21 classes. There would be a good size crowd in attendance in mist of the rain that would hold the show up a couple times. There would deffenately be some crowd pleasing moments through out the night. Gallery

Dirt Slinging

Joe Perreault and Mad Dog slinging mud back to sled as the track started to get wet from the rain. Gallery

Franklin County Field Days Tractor Pull
August 3 2013

dust cloud

Secret Weapon II and Andre Bourdeau with the dust cloud during the 11,500lb altered stock tractor class. The Adirondack Tractor Pullers would have there annually Tracror Pull at the Frahklin County Field Days in Highgate. There would be around 100 hooks in over 23 classes. It would be the normal all day affair in front of a packed house. Gallery

walking down

Dustin Machie John Deere 4x4 Tractor walks it down the track for the full pull and win the 28,000lb class. Gallery

Franklin County Feild Days Truck Pull

power pass

C.V. Castine in his dodge takes a shot during the 8,500 Stock Truck class on the power pass. The Adirondack Truck/Trator Pullers make there annual trip to Highgate for the Franklin County Fair. There would be a record in attendance with over 6,500 to see the stock trucks, work trucks, 2.5 Cheater Trucks and 4x4 Trucks there would be 99 enteries in the seven classes on the night. Gallery

smoke screen

Mike Silver and his Corvette with the smoke screen as the radiator hose breaks and cause the cloud of steam covering the car. Gallery

Clinton County Fair Truck/Tractor Pull

skipping down

Red Dog Too and Chris Bullriss skips the front wheels down the track as he takes out to 316 feet and comes home in 2nd place during the Super Farm class. The Adirondack Truck and Tractor Pullers would return for the annual pull at the Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh. The pull would happen in front of a packed house and they would witness a great show. There would be just under a 100 entries divided into 20 classes. There would be lots of runs throughout the night that would keep the crowd on the edge of there seats. The tour will move onto Highgate, Vermont in a couple weeks at the Franklin County Field Days. Gallery


Overhauler and Gary Overton carries the front wheels down the track during the 6,200lb Modified Tractor class where he goes 299 feet for the win. Gallery

Clinton County Fair Street Truck

power pass

RJ Smith and his 2007 GMC Seirra are making a power pass during the 2.6 Cheater Truck class and goes pass the 300 foot mark. It was that time of year again the Street Truck Pull at the Clinton County Fair brought to you by the Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers. There would be around 80 entries that would be divided into seven classes all the way from the stock truck to the mighty 2.6 Cheater Trucks. There would be many good runs throughout the night and very minimal damage. One of the exciting momements that happened had to be the hard rain storm that came and dropped atleast a inch of water in the matter of minutes. The pull would be halted for about a hour they would reprep the track and back pulling we would go. Congratulations to all the different winners throughout the night and for a great show for everyone.Gallery

Winning Pass

Richard Abare and Chevy Silverado take a straight down the track and win the Work Stock A Class.Gallery

Pulling For Logan

diggin in

Pat Silver with Ma and Pa Headache are digging as he take a shot down the middle of the track during the Pro Stock 4x4 Truck class. The Franklin County Field Days in Highgate, VT would be home to the Pulling for Loan Benefit Pull. In the mist of the rain drops pullers and fans a like would turn out for the great event. There would be 130 pullers divided up between 25 different classes from stock trucks all the way up to the big 4x4 tractors. There would around 800 specators that would come through the gate to see the pulling action along with helping a great cause. Plans are already underway to return the event in 2014. Gallery

walking down the track

Chad Machie with the John Deere 9330 walks the sled down the track and gets the full pull during the 4x4 Tractors free for all class. Gallery


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