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Franklin County Fair Derby

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During heat four of the 31 and 27 would meet on the track with back ends and the shot would take both cars off the ground. It would be time for the annual demolition derby at the Franklin County Fair in Malone. There would be a 100 cars divided up into 8 heats from 4 cylinders up to the mighty 8 cylinders along with the girls heat and the popular truck heat. The eventual winner would be Joey Foster from Potsdam. There would be plenty of crowd pleasing moments to keep the crowd there from start to finish. Gallery

over it goes

Scott Cook (56) would get tagged up on by three other cars and get sent right on over on his roof during heat one.Gallery

Spring Demolition Derby

shot to the back corner

The #23 car would put a shot right in the back corner of the #16 (the eventual champion) car as he would be going for the tire and take him out for the day. The St. Lawerence County Fair would host there Spring Demolition Derby. There would be 47 cars that show up for the event that would be divided up into five heats and the championship. There were some guys out there that would be struggling for traction on the muddy and sandy track all in all it would be a good derby though. In the end #16 car would be crowned the champion and take home bragging rights throphy, $500 and a stop in the championship at the fairs derby on August 4th.

passenger door hit

The #22 car would put a crushing hit on #52 car as he takes out the passengers door and pins him along the concerte wall. Gallery


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