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Plattsburgh Benefit Pull

wheel stander

Show Tyme & Scotty Pickering with a wheel standing run down the track to win the 8,500lb Altered Stock Tractors. The Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers would host there first ever benefit pull at the Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh to support the local food shelfs. There would be around 100 enteries that would be divided up into 20 classes. It would be a great for all to help a great cause. Gallery

bounces down the track

Chad Lapointe and GMC bounces the front wheels all the way down the track like it were a basktball. Gallery

Rutland Truck & Tractor Pull

wheel stander

Howling Wolf and John Dietzel carries the front wheels a good foot of the track has he looks for traction on the loose track. He would pull 270' which would give him third place. The New York Tractor Pullers Assocation (NYTPA) would make there first ever visit to the Vermont State Fair in Rutland, Vermont and bring four different divisions the Super Farm Tractors, Two Wheel Drive Trucks, Modified Tractors and Super Stock Tractors. There would be a total of 47 enteries between the division that would take to very loose track that would take driver skill and not horsepower to get down the track in front of a packed house of pulling fans. Gallery

skips down the track

Determention and Burt Stannard skips the front wheels down the track and digs in at 284' to finish fourth in the Super Stock Tractors. Gallery

Malone Truck & Tractor Pull

wheel stander

One of the light antquie tractor wheel stands as he starts to dig in around the 250 foot mark. There would be a total of 34 classes ranging from street legal truck to Super Farm tractor. There would be around 150 hooks for the day that would see the pull end early in the morning after having to wait out two rain delays. Gallery

smoke show

R.J. Smith and his 2007 GMC Seirra sends the black smoke skyward during the 2.6 cheater truck class to the delight of the crowd. Gallery

Highgate Tractor Pull

barely touching

Gary Joy and Leaving the Dream with the near perfect run down the track as the front wheels are barely touching the ground. There would be around a 150 hooks through out the 33 classes that would see everything from Farm tractors all the way up to the 4x4 Tractors. There would be a packed house throughout the night. Gallery

first run

Jamie Ott and his International test it out on his first run down the track during the altered stock class. Gallery

Highgate Truck Pull

sweeps 4x4 trucks

Terry Durant and Yellow Fever digs in on the stone dust track to take the win in both of the Pro Stock 4x4 Truck classes. The annual all night affair would return to the Franklin County Field Days in Highgate, Vermont. There would be over 100 hooks that would be spread over 9 classes. That would be seen in front of a full grandstand and the brand loyality was evendent trough out the night. Gallery

fast pace

Eric Favreau and his Ford F-250 on a screamer of a pass during the Work Stock class. Gallery

Hopkinton Truck & Tractor Pull

carries front wheels

Jacob Curtis and his John Deere 4630 carries the front wheels as he angles over the near side of the track as he finishes second in the 11,500lb Hot Farm Tractors. The annual truck and tractor pull return to the Hopkinton Fire Department in Hopkinton. This pull just seems to keep getting bigger year after year. There would be around 50 competitors divided up in 14 classes that would take to the hard clay track that would take all the horsepower you could throw at it. There would be only a few minor breakdowns throughout the day. Gallery

straight as arrow

Pat Silver with the Ma & Pa's Headache takes it straight down the track for a third place in 6,200lb 4x4 Pro Stock Trucks class.Gallery

Plattsburgh Truck and Tractor Pull

far side traction

Pat Silver and Ma's and Pa's Headache finds some good track on the far side of the track for the third place finish in the 6,200lb Pro Stock 4x4 Class A. The annual truck and tractor pull would return to Clinton County Fair the would be great action from all the division. The track and the heat would take its toll on a few vechiles through out the day. There would be over 90 hooks divided up between 19 classes. Gallery

carries front wheels

Joe Vander Weer with his 4230 John Deere carries the front wheels for a 2nd place in the 9,500lb Farm Stock Tractors. Gallery

Plattsburgh Street Legal Trucks

down the far side

Thomas Brassard and his 2012 Dodge Ram take it down the far side of the track for a 180'. The annually Street Truck Pull would return to the Clinton County Fair. There would be over 60 enteries divided up into eight classes. It would be a great night had by everyone there would be some great action and there was only a few broken trucks. Gallery


Damian Brannon bounces the front wheel down the track hoping for a bite. Gallery


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