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Ellenburg Center Pull

digging in

A team of minuture horses driven by Dakoda are digging in for traction on the hard surface. There would be a total of 8 miniture teams that would take part in the first horse pull at the Ellenburg Center Fire Department. It would be a very competive class of horses and it would take many rounds to determine the winner and need 3100 pounds on the sled. Gallery

walking out

A team of miniture horses walking the sled out the end for the full pull. Gallery

Howie Frenyea Memorial Pull

walking it out.

The big pair of work horses are taking the 6,200lb sled out the emd for a full pull. The Lyon Mountain American Legoin would host the second annual Howie Frenyea Memorial. There would great horse pulling action through out the day. There would be 15 teams of miniturie pony's along with 6 teams of big work horse. The team would come from across new york, bermont and new hampshire to compete for throphies.Gallery

leaping start

The team of miniture ponies with the leaping start of the pull as they would take it out. Gallery


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