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Saranac Chiefs @ Peru Indians
September 29 2012

breaks up pass

Saranac's Ethan Goslin (1) breaks up the pass in endzone that was intended for Peru's Noah Phillips (19). The Saranac Chiefs would travel to Peru and take on the Indians in CVAC match up between two bitter rivails. The game would be close through the openning quarter as the Indians would lead 7-0. Then in the second quarter is where the flood gates would open up and score 17 to take a 24-0 lead into the intermission. Then in second half it would be more of the same as the Chiefs were just disimatted my injuries throughout. The Peru Indians would score 27 more points and cruise to the 51-0 victory. Next week the Chiefs head back home where they will take on Ticonderoga. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs St. Lawerence Larries
September 28 2012

collision at net

Chateaugay's Tyler Martin (4) colides with St. Lawerence's Tyler Savage (goalie) on the break away. Chad Slalter would pick up the rebound for the open net tying goal. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host the St. Lawerence Larries in east division soccer. The teams would be off to races early. St. Lawerence's Ian Lynch would get the games first tally in the 3rd minute. Then in the 5th minute Tyler Martin would tie the game right back up. The scoring bridage would end in the 6th minute on Chad Slalters goal to give the Bulldogs the 2-1 lead. St. Lawerence's Ian Lynch would get his second goal of the game in the 51st minute to tie the game at two. The Larries would take the lead on Lynch's third goal of the game for Ian Lynch for the hat trick in the 65th minute to make it 3-2 Larries. The Bulldogs would put on thrilling last 15 minutes of the games as Chad Slalter would score in the 76th minute to force over time. In that overtime period there would be no scores and the teams would finish tied at 3. This would be a very phyiscail game all the way around with both teams having there fair share players hit the deck. With the tie the Chateaugay Bulldogs go to 2-3-2 overall and the St. Lawerence Larries go to 2-4-1 Gallery

Malone Huskies Vs Salmon River Shamrocks
September 27 2012

block at net

Malone's Rachal Lamica (2) with the block at the net to keep the ball in the Shamrocks court. The Malone Huskies would host east division rivail in the Salmon River Shamrocks in match for 2nd place in the division. The Malone Huskies would ease there way to victories in the first two games 25-11 and 25-17. The third game would be the game of the natch as the Shamrocks would squeak it out in extra's 26-24. Then Huskies would finish of the match in game 4 with a 25-13 win to win the match 3-1. With the win Malone Huskies go to 5-2 and the Shamrocks fall to 4-3. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Malone Huskies
September 25 2012

meet at the net

Chateaugay's Paige English (4) and Malone's Aimee Fleury (5) meet at the net with the ball and the ball falls for a Malone point. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host there neighbors the Malone Huskies in a east division game. The Bulldogs would get the win in the match 3 games to 1. Both would give there all in the match the difference would be the Bulldogs would make less mistakes for the win. Gallery

#10 Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Brushton-Moria Panthers
September 24 2012

sliding shot

Chateaugay's Alexis Beach (2)with the sliding shoot trying to hook it around Brushton-Moria's Caitlyn LaPage for the shot that goes just wide. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host rivail Brushton-Moria Panthers in a east division game. The lone goal would come in the 56th minute on a own goal to give the Bulldogs the 1-0 win. With the win the Bulldogs stay undefeated on the season at 6-0. In the winning effort Bulldogs Mikalya Fleury would stop 5 shots for the shutout. Gallery

Plattsburgh Benefit Pull
Clinton County Fair
September 22 2012

carry front wheels

Red Dog Too with Chris Bullriss carries the front wheels down the track on a great pass for the crowd. The Adirondack Truck & Tractor Pullers would host there first ever benefit pull at the Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh to support the local food shelfs. There would be around 100 enteries that would be divided up into 20 classes. It would be a great for all to help a great cause. Gallery

Malone Huskies Vs Canton Golden Bears
September 21 2012

fight for ball

Malone's Angela Grimshaw (18) and Canton's Emma Collins battle for the ball with there feet at midfeild for poseesion. The Malone Huskies would host the Canton Golden Bears in central division play. The game would be great game through out with two evenly matched teams. The Golden Bears would get the lone goal in the 47th minute from Kali Frank that she put in the top shelf. Hilary Wilcox and Katie Clemmer would combine to stop seven shots for the shutout victory. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Salmon River Shamrocks
Mod Squad
September 19 2012

tip at net

Chateaugay's Kayla Legacy (4) with the tip at the net for the point. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host the Salmon River Shamrocks in modified volleyball. The Bulldogs would continue to roll as they would win all three games in convincing fashion. As the Bulldogs would continue there undefeated season. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Salmon River Shamrocks
September 19 2012


Chateaugay's Desire Stumpf (14) with the spike right at the net for the point. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host the Salmon River Shamrocks in early season game of two unbeaten teams as they would look to gain an edge. The Bulldogs would start off the match in great shape as they would win the first two games. Although the Shamrocks would come steaming back to win the next two in must win form. Then the with fifth game both teams would need to grit there way through it and the Bulldogs would get the win 25-21 to win the match 3-2. With the win the Bulldogs continue there perfect season. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Malone Huskies
September 17 2012

elbow to elbow

Chateaugay's Katie Beach (7) and Malone's Marissa Perez (11) go elbow to elbow down the wing after the ball. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host the Malone Huskies in non league action. The Bulldogs would strike first in just the 4th minute on Alexis Beach goalie to make it 1-0. The Huskies would tie the game back up in 18th minute Angie Grims goal at 1. Then in the 29th Danielle Charaland would get the goal to make it 2-1. That is where the game would remain the rest of the way to give the Bulldogs the 2-1 victory. In the winning effort Makalya Fleury would stop 11 shots. Malone's Jasmine Lavoie would have a great game in her own right stopping 13 shots. The Bulldogs would improve to 4-0 on the season while the Huskies fall to 0-2-1. Gallery

Ellenburg Center Fire Department:
Harvest Days
September 16 2012

old saw mill

A demonstatic of a old saw mill from the 1930's for everyone at the festival to see. The saw mill had a total of 6 horsepower and 600 RPM's made br Farbanks Morse. The Ellenburg Center Fire Department would host there 5th annual harvest days. There would be plenty of old tractors and old machinceary on display for everyone to see. Gallery

Ellenburg Center Horse Pull
September 16 2012

rearing start

A team of miniture draft horse have rearing start to there pull. There would be a total of 8 miniture teams that would take part in the first horse pull at the Ellenburg Center Fire Department. It would be a very competive class of horses and it would take many rounds to determine the winner and need 3100 pounds on the sled. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Colton-Peirpont Colts
September 14 2012

fake out

Chateaugay's Chad Slalter (10) cuts back towards the middle of the field and fakes outs Colton's Joey Porter (3). The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host the Colton-Peirpont Colts in a east division game. The Colts would strike first on Anthony Hancourts goal in the 19th minute to make it 1-0. That is where the game would stay until Tyler Martin would tie it up in the 44th minute on a goal assisted by Seth Young. The game was starting to look like it was going to overtime until Andy Holden would score in the 77th minute for the game winner for the Colts. The game would get phyiscail at times but teams would keep there cool in a very good game. With the lose the Bulldogs fall to 0-4 overall and 0-2 in the division. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Edwards-Knox Cougars
Modified Squad
September 13 2012

tip at net

Chateaugay's Kayla Legacy (4) with the tip at the net for the point. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host the Edwards-Knox Cougars in a modified game. The Bulldogs get the three game sweep of the Cougars for the victory. Key players in the Bulldogs victory would be Grace Harrigan and Kayla Legacy. With the win the Bulldogs go to 2-0 on the season. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Edwards-Knox Cougars
September 13 2012

hard spike

Chateaugay's Desiree Stumpf (14) with the hard spike to the center of the court for one of her seven points on the night. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would host the Edwards-Knox Cougars. The Bulldogs would make easy work of the Cougars in a three game sweep (25-11,25-10,25-16). Leading the way in the winning effort for the Bulldogs would be Shelby Yanalavich with ten kills and 13 points. Carolyn Stumpf would chip in with nine points. With the win the Bulldogs go to 2-0 on the season. Gallery

Malone Huskies Vs Potsdam Sandstoners
September 11 2012

knee to knee

Malone's Daniel Badgley (21) and Potsdam's Tim Hibbs battle for the ball at midfeild going knee to knee and elbow to elbow. The Malone Huskies would fall to the Potsdam Sandstoners 3-1 in the home opener. The Huskies would draw first blood on Connor Dailey's header off the corner kick in the 17th minute. That is where the game would remain until Christopher Stoner would tie the game up in the 47th minute on the breakaway. Then in the 52nd minute Nnaebaka Ononye would get the game winner. Then Ononye would score in the 78th minute ice the game and give the Sandstoners the 3-1 victory. In the winning effort Ryan McDonald would have 5 saves and Austin Lamay would stop nine. In the lose the Huskies fall to 2-1 on the season and 0-1 in the league. Gallery

Chateaugay Bulldogs Vs Parishville-Hopkinton Panthers
September 10 2012

up close and personal

Chateaugay's Morgan Legacy (3) plays phyiscail sliding herself right into the Parishville-Hopkinton striker to take the ball and go up the field. The Chateaugay Bulldogs would open up there season hosting arch-rivail Parishville-Hopkinton Panthers. The Bulldogs would make easier work of the Panthers as they would take a 4-0 lead at the break. Then they would cruisw in the second half to the 7-1 win. With the win the Bulldogs start there season at 1-0 and the Panthers fall to 1-1. Gallery

Saranac Chiefs Vs Beekmantown Eagles
September 8 2012

forced out of bounds

Beekmantown's Zack Myers (15) is tackled from behind and taken out of bounds by a couple of Saranac defenders. The Saranac Chiefs would fall short at home as they would lose 28-6. The game would remain scoreless until the three minute mark of the second quarter when Zack Myers would find Haydin Fountain for the score and take the 8-0 lead. The Eagles would strike again with a rushing touchdown with 34 seconds left in the half and take a 14-0 lead into the locker room. Then when the teams came back out for the 2nd half the third quarter would be track meet with the Eagles scoring twice one a Zack Myers QB sneak and on long TD pass to Haydin Fountain. The lone Saranac score would come on a 63 TD Pass. That is where the score would remain til the end with the win Eagles go to 2-0 and the Chiefs 1-1 on the season. Gallery

Plattsburgh North Stars Vs Montreal Voyguers
September 8 2012


Plattsburgh's Andrew Price (83) with the over the shoulder catch in the end zone for the touchdown. The Plattsburgh North Stars would host and defeat the Montreal 37-21. The game would be an aireal assualt as both teams would look to the air to make there yardage. The game would be close through the first half as the North Stars would have a narrow 23-21 lead at the break. Then in the second half the defense would clamp down and not allow another score. With the win the North Stars improve there record to 6-3 overall and 5-3 in the EFL. Next week the North Stars are on the road at Amsterdam to take on the Zephyers Gallery

Rutland Truck & Tractor Pull
Vermont State Fair Rutland Vermont
September 3 2012


Mr. No Respect and Richard King has a firey ride down by the finish line as he puts a rod through the pain and the oil gets on the headers and the fireball insues. Although he would lose the engine he would still pull 350' to finish third place. The New York Tractor Pullers Assocation (NYTPA) would make there first ever visit to the Vermont State Fair in Rutland, Vermont and bring four different divisions the Super Farm Tractors, Two Wheel Drive Trucks, Modified Tractors and Super Stock Tractors. There would be a total of 47 enteries between the division that would take to very loose track that would take driver skill and not horsepower to get down the track in front of a packed house of pulling fans. Gallery


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