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Plattsburgh Hornets Vs Peru Indians September 29th 2017

Champlain Valley Athletic Conference Girl's Soccer
one on one
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Kyle Coryea

Plattsburgh's Madeleine Woodward (19) goes one on one with the Peru defender in the offensive zone looking for some space. It would be a crosstown match up in the C.V.A.C. as the Plattsburgh Hornets would host the Peru Indians. The Hornets would get the opening goal of the game from Madeleine Woodward at the 28th minute as the Hornets would take the 1-0 lead. Then just over a minute later the Hornets would extend there lead to 2-0 as Elisa Rodriquez would find the back of the net. The game would stay there till the second half when the Hornets would extend there lead to 3-0 on the Brina Michaels goal at the 51st minute. Then the Hornets would put the icing on the cake in 68th minute on the Kathleen Sullivan goal to secure the 4-0 victory. In the winning effort, Delaney McCormick would make 6 saves for the shutout victory. Gallery.