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Super Dirt Week XLVII - Oswego Speedway - October 7th 2018

Dirtcar Racing
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Kyle Coryea

Larry Wight (99L) and Jimmy Phelps (98H) battle for the lead during the Billy Whitaker 200 in the big block modified race at Super Dirt Week. It would be the final day of Super Dirt Week XLVII and the features would be the main course of the day. In the first race of the day it would be the Chevy Performance 75 for the Sportsman Modified and the eventual winner would be Shane Pecore after a last lap pass on Robert Bublack to get the win and cash in on the 4,000 dollar paycheck. Next up on the day would be the Dirtcar Pro Stock 50. This race would also come down to a last lap pass but even better as C.D. Beauchamp would pass Chuck Dumblewski coming off turn four and cash in on the 2,000 dollar paycheck. That would only leave one race left on the day and that would be the Bill Whitaker Car and Truxs 200. It would be a great race up front all day between Jimmy Phelps and Larry Wight battling for the lead all day long. The eventual winner would be Larry Wight as Jimmy Phelps had to make late race pitstop for a tire issue. Although that would not end the race as Stewart Friesen would battle to the end to try and deny the win for Larry Wight. With the win Larry Wight would win first Super Dirt Week and cash in the 50,000.