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Canton Kangroos @ #1 Plattsburgh State Cardinals - January 17th 2020

NEWHL Women's Hockey
scramble in front
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Eleni Tyrell

Plattsburgh State's Nicole Unsworth (20) battles for the loose puck in front of the net on the scramble play. It would be a rare Friday afternoon matchup as the #1 Plattsburgh State Cardinals would host the Canton Kangaroos in NEWHL action at the Ronald B Stafford Arena in front of 300 fans. The upstart Kangaroos would show that they came to play as they would get the opening goal of the game at 2:57 of the first period from Breanna Bedborough. Although the Cardinals turn around and come back on fire as they would get four goals to end out the period from Erin McArdle, Sara Krauseneck (twice) and Hanna Rose for the 4-1 lead. In the second period, the Cardinals would keep their foot on the accelerator as they would get four more goals from Sarah Wolfe, Abby Brush (twice), and Sara Krauseneck would get her hat trick goal for a 8-1 Cardinals lead. In the third period, the Cardinals would lighten up as they would have just a lone goal from Holly Schmelzer to secure the 9-1 victory. In the winning effort, Chloe Beaubien would make 16 saves as the Cardinals go to 16-1 on the season. Next, up for the Cardinals, they will finish a home and home with the Canton Kangaroos on Saturday. Gallery