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Fredonia State Blue Devils @ Plattsburgh State Cardinals January 23rd 2022

SUNYAC Men's Basketball
hard layup
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Kyle Coryea

Plattsburgh State's Erik Salo (10) takes flight on the hard-charging layup and lays it in for a team-high 19 points. It would be the second game of the weekend for the Plattsburgh State Cardinals and this time they would be playing the Fredonia State Blue Devils. Once again the Cardinals would be in a fight and it would be tight through the first half and the Cardinals would have a slim 38-37 lead at the break. In the second half, the Cardinals would do their best to pull away but they would come shortly as the Blue Devils would drain a three-pointer at the buzzer and the Cardinals would fall 76-75. In the losing effort, Erik Salo would lead the team with 19 points as they would fall to 2-14 on the season. Gallery