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Season Opener at Mohawk International Raceway May 21st 2021

Dirtcar Racing
sliding through
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Kyle Coryea

Zack Daniels (30) and Jason Mcclatchie (70) are sliding through the corner in the Super Stock main event. For the first time since the Mohawk Nationals in September 2019, there would be competitive racing at the Mohawk International Raceway and there would be a couple of changes as they would welcome a new division the Super Stock along with the 358 Modifieds being put on hiatus for a year as a lot of the racers are still not able to cross the broader. After the heat racing would be done they would have the mains and the first one up for the season would be the Dirtcar 4 Cylinders (Bandits) and it would be the classic battle up front between Matt Zira and Francis White and this time it would be Zira getting the best of him. Then it would be the brand new Super Stock division on track taking to the track even though the car count would be small what they had would put on a great show and the win would go to Zack Daniels. Then we would have the screamers in the Mod-Lites as there 12 cars would take to the track for the 15 laps main and when the dust would settle the win would go to Scott Sharpe. Then we would have the Novice Sportsman Modified and it would be the young man of Blayden Arquiett blowing the field away. Then to finish off the night it would be the Crossroads Tobacco Sportsman Modified for there 25 lap event and Nick Heywood would start on the pole and that would be pretty much all she wrote as he would take the lead and go out and hide as they ran the 25 laps caution-free Dan Reif would be second and Jamy Begor rounding out the top 3. They will all be back in action next weekend as it would be round 1 of the Mohawk Sportsman Modified Series. Gallery