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Oktoberfast Round #5 Presented by Dirtvision Weedsport Speedway October 11th 2020

Dirtcar Racing
first career win
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Kyle Coryea

Max McLaughlin (32c) celebrates in victory lane with his first Billy Whitaker Cars & Truxs Super DIRTcar Series victory and it comes at the biggest track on the circuit Weedsport Speedway. It would be the last stop on the Oktoberfast presented by Dirtvision tour and it would be at the Weedsport Speedway and we would have the Billy Whitaker Cars & Truxs Super DIRTcar Series Modifieds, Racing Electronics Sportsman Modified, and Comp Cams Pro Stock and with it being the last stop on the tour there would be extra money on the line for event and 175 cars in the pits. After all the qualifying and last chance qualifiers in the books, it would be onto the main event. The first main event of the night would be the Comp Cams Pro Stocks for 25 laps. The race would have a rough start as there would be three cautions before they got to lap two. Once the race got underway it would be a great race with the eventual win going to Nick Stone and his second of the week. Next up would be Racing Electronics Sportsman Modified in a 35 lap main event and the winner pocketing a cool two thousand dollars. With all the top contenders in the pits, it would take a lot just to make the 32 car field. Although when the dust would settle the cream would rise to the top and Kevin Root would get the win and second of the week. Then all that would be left would be the Billy Whitaker Cars & Truxs Super Dirtcar Series Modifieds for 75 laps and ten thousand dollars to the winner. With Matt Sheppard and Matt Williamson starting on the front row, the rest of the field would have an uphill battle. As the two of them would duke it out for the first half of the race. Then there would be a third player that would start to work his way into the battle in the likes of Max McLaughlin he would work his way around Williamson and then set his sights on Matt Sheppard. With around twenty laps to go McLaughlin would get around Sheppard for the lead and would hold off all the charges by Sheppard for the win. With the win, Max McLaughlin would get the first win of his career on the Super DIRTcar and cash in on the ten thousand dollars. That would bring an end to the Oktoberfast but there's still more for the Super DIRTcar Series as they plan on heading to the Eastern States at the Orange County Fair Speedway on October 24th and 25th. Gallery