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1st Annual Clinton County Fairgrounds Auto Show Morrisonville N.Y. August 8th 2020

Car Show
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Kyle Coryea

The old Oldsmobile 442 with a dark purple paint job and the BDS supercharger added means she was ready for business on the drag strip. We would take in the first edition of the Clinton County Fairgrounds Auto Show presented by Dragoon's Farm Equipment and North Country Classics. it would mainly focus on the 50-60's era cars but it would have cars ranging from all eras from the old to the new. The show would even feature a few bikes and trucks along with the cars that were there. The show would be well attended my car emphasize as there would be around 200 cars that would be on the lot with nearly a 1,000 people that would come out and check out the vehicles throughout the day. Plans are already underway to bring back the show next year along with making it even better. Gallery