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Green Acres Bash Round 1 June 27th 2020

Mud Bogging
Photo By: 
Kyle Coryea

Kevin Oney and his in his old truck is slinging his way through the pit on his way to second place in the stock class. It would be the battle at the Green Acres Bash as they would have there first mud bog of the season. There would be four classes on the day with two of them in the modified division and another two classes in the stock class. There would be a decent crowd on hand as they would be there to cheer on the friends and just have a downright good time outside for some great bogging action. The winners on the day would be Kevin Oney in Modified 1, Anne Oney in Stock 1, and Michelle Gauthier in Modified 2 and Amanda Rowledge in Stock 2. The people at the Green Acres Bash are already planning to have the second bash of the year in a month or so. Although before they will be having a special attraction as they will be having a truck and tractor pull on Saturday, July 18th. Gallery